How To Bet On The NBA?

December 19, 2020

There aren’t many more popular sports in North America than the NBA, as the games are watched by millions around the world.

The majority of fans are situated in the United States, with fans watching their teams on multiple occasions throughout the week.

The sheer number of games that are played throughout the regular and post-season means that it has become hugely popular for sports bettors. However, before betting on the sport, there are a number of factors that bettors must be aware of.

Joining A Sportsbook

Before making your first bet on the NBA, you must first sign up to a sportsbook. Choosing a leading sportsbook is essential for all gamblers, and there should be a checklist that gamblers are looking to complete.

For example, you will want to ensure that you sign up for a sportsbook with an excellent welcome offer and dedicated promotions. These ensure that you will get offers from your first day, and will come in the form of free bets or a matched bonus.

As well as this, you should take into account the security of the sportsbook and the payment methods that are accepted with the bookmaker. Both of these are essential, as you won’t want to sign up to a sportsbook that doesn’t offer the method that you want to deposit funds using.

The odds are also essential, as these will determine the returns that you will get back from your wager.

Betting at the best odds makes sure that you aren’t disappointed further down the road when you discover that you could have won bigger returns betting elsewhere.

After signing up for a leading sportsbook, customers must then look into the NBA betting markets that are available to them.

Understanding NBA Betting Markets

After signing up with a sportsbook, it will then be time to explore the wide selection of betting markets that are available in the NBA. There is an overwhelming number of markets for newcomers, and some are harder to understand than others.

You should make sure that you understand what each of the markets require for a winning wager before making a bet on the market. These are some of the most prominent markets that you could expect to bet on.

Match Betting

The most prominent way to make a wager on the NBA regardless of whether a fixture is being played in the regular or post-season is through the match betting market.

Here, you will be placing a wager on the team that you believe will win the game. Returns are awarded after the game has been completed.

Handicap Betting

Those that are familiar with sports betting will already be aware of handicap betting, but it is particularly popular when it comes to wagering money on the NBA. For this market, the team that is considered the favourites will start with a disadvantage.

Gamblers betting on that team will then need them to win by a certain number of points for the wager to be a winner. For example, if the Miami Heat have a -3.5 handicap, then gamblers betting on the Heat will need them to win by at least four points.

Over/Under Totals

Not all the betting markets revolve around the full-time result of the game. Instead, bettors can wager their money on the total number of points that are scored in the game.

Here, gamblers will bet on either over or under depending on whether the number of points that they think will be scored is higher or lower than the total set by the sportsbook. For example, there could be a total of 174.5. For this, bettors that believe there will be at least 175 points would be betting on the over selection.

Outright NBA Champion

Gamblers that want to make a more long-term bet can also do so with the Outright NBA Champion market. For this market, the gambler will be betting their money on the team that they believe will be crowned the NBA champions after the NBA Finals.

The bet will not be settled until after the final best of seven game, and the stake will be lost if your selection is knocked out before the final. Bettors can also place an each-way bet on this selection, which means that they will get returns should the selection finish second.

Outright Conference Winners

Betting on the outright NBA champions isn’t the only ante-post market available to gamblers. Instead, they can wager on the team that will win the respective Eastern and Western Conferences.

Winning wagers will be paid out before the NBA Finals get underway, and like the other ante-post market, the odds for the selections will be changing throughout the season.

As well as this, there is also the opportunity to make an each-way bet, but the odds for the Conference winners are shorter than the outright winners.

Tips For NBA Betting

There is more to betting on the NBA than wagering your money on the team that you follow. Instead, there are a number of tips that gamblers must follow to ensure that they are making the best possible bet.

These are some of the tips that gamblers must follow to make sure that they make a knowledgeable NBA bet.

Read Form

Form is everything when it comes to the teams in the NBA, which means that it is vital that bettors look at the recent records of the team involved.

Head To Head

Head to head records also point out possible trends in results that gamblers must be aware of.

Home Court Advantage

Home court advantage is a huge plus when it comes to betting on the NBA. Being aware of the team that is playing at home and their record at home is essential reading for all gamblers.

Understanding Markets

Before making a bet, you should make sure that you understand the markets available.

If you are unsure about a specific market, then you should place a smaller wager on the selection before you understand the market fully. That’s why you should read articles, like this one on BetAmerica Extra about the most overrated basketball players, so you know who to avoid when placing a bet.

Here you have it, an extensive guideline on NBA betting. This should cover the basic points, but if you need extra information make sure you research about it and ask questions to experienced gamblers.

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