5 Tips And Tricks For Keeping Your Gutters Clean And Functional

September 30, 2021

Gutters are elements in the house to which we often do not pay enough attention. Due to ignorance, many are unfortunately unpleasantly surprised – and only then do they realize the true importance of gutters for the overall condition of the house. Not only is the proper installation of gutters important – but their further maintenance is also extremely significant as well. Here are 5 tips and tricks for keeping your gutters clean and functional.

Gutter Maintenance Is Very Important For The “Health Of Your Home”

At the beginning of autumn, rainy days are more frequent. That faces our homes with new challenges. One of the very important things to do – is the regular cleaning and maintenance of the gutters. When we do things around the house, we usually pay attention to what’s in front of our eyes. Things we don’t see are often overlooked – and gutters are just one of them. Before the onset of heavy rainfalls and the first winter months – the correctness and cleanliness of the gutters are of great importance. According to, a clogged, or gutter in which a lot of dirt has accumulated, will not be able to receive larger amounts of water and disperse – so there will be an overflow during the first heavy rain.

What Complications Can Occur Due To An Unclean Gutter?

An overflow during the heavy rain can be especially dangerous in houses whose roofs do not have a culvert over the walls – that is, they do not have eaves. Then the water flows down the walls, and there is no need to explain in particular what the consequences may be. We will only mention leaving water between the insulation and the wall – more than enough for big problems. Even houses with eaves are not immune to the overflow of water from the gutter, because the water will fall next to the houses, splash on the walls at the bottom, and in that place, they will absorb moisture and perish. Still, we can do things that can prevent these problems very easily.

Tips For Maintaining Your Gutters

Maintaining your gutters is essential. Failure to do so will expose you to sealing and moisture problems. Since gutters are often set high, we relentlessly refuse to clean them. Still, gutter maintenance is not that difficult! Here are some tips for efficient and safe cleaning of all gutters.

1. Check the gutter system

In order not to damage the facade, do not forget to regularly clean and check the condition of the gutter system. You need to check the impermeability and stability of fasteners. This should not be underestimated, especially after winter – as freezing water or the weight of snow that has accumulated can cause gutter deformation. That usually results in leakage. The most common reasons for clogging the gutter system are fallen leaves and pieces of branches. They can effectively clog the drain into the downstream pipe – which will result in water overflowing on the wall during heavy rains. Regular professional maintenance, because you don’t have all the professional equipment needed for such a thorough gutter cleaning. Also, if you want to avoid gutter clogging you can opt for a special gutter installation made of fine mesh – which will protect your gutter from larger impurities. However, this must be done by professionals and also planned at the design stage – as grooves with such protection need to have a larger cross-section.

2. Inspect and repair

Once the gutters are cleaned, you can inspect them. If the water stagnates during cleaning, it is that the gutter fixations are damaged. You should also look for and identify holes or cracks, defective or broken hooks, and damaged seals. If you have the ability to fix your gutters, it’s up to you. If this is not the case, call a professional. Repairs are also guaranteed by standards.

3. Check the permeability of the pipeline

Checking the piping is very important, it is especially important to do it in a timely manner. Therefore, it is best to pour water into them from above and see if it dries down. If it does not leak, you must try to eject it under pressure. Some types of cleaners can make this job a little easier for you. There is also a dirt basket in the gutter drain pipe – all you need to do is remove and discard the leaves from it. The drain pipe should also be checked.

4. Have the right tools

If you have secured access to your gutters, make sure you have the right tools to clean them. You must provide gloves, a water jet, waste bins, a cylindrical brush, and pliers. Depending on the type of installation, you may also need a telescopic extension. If you have a pressure washer – you can use it to clean gutters.

5. Reduce risks

Do not take action in case of heavy rain, thunderstorms, or heat. If there are wires near the gutters, make sure they do not interfere with cleaning. Also, make sure the ladder is safe, wear gloves that are appropriate for the task – and if you work at a height of more than 6 feet, be sure to wear safety belts.

Call  Gutter Repair Professionals When You Need It

It is very common for large gutter damage to occur during the winter. It is because due to snow and ice, the gutters can often burst. There are also various scratches on gutters that over time can become porous – and begin to leak water. When a gutter bursts, it is definitely advisable to call in professionals. Scratches can also sometimes be indicators of some major damage. Scratches are often present in steel gutters. If that is the situation, you should paint them with a special varnish. If your gutter has a lot of similar damages – then it is worth replacing it with a new one. For something like that, you will definitely need the help of professionals because you do not want to leave anything to chance

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