6 Reasons why you Should Consider Penile Lengthening Surgery

May 31, 2020

Every man should be proud of his masculinity, but some are not fully satisfied for so many reasons, and they want to fix it. The reasons behind the wish for penile lengthening can be very different, starting from aesthetic purposes to solving some big health issues because of the shape and size.

The penis is a definition of masculinity, and often it’s a taboo, so the guys can’t openly speak about the problems they have with it. Sometimes they need penile augmentation, reshaping, shortening, or improving some of the biological functions.

The penile lengthening is a surgical procedure that is used to increase the size of a human’s reproductive organ. After the surgery, the patient needs to take supplements or perform some exercises to bring back the primary function of the organ until it’s fully recovered. This intervention can also improve the erection and sexual performance of the man.

What is the average size of the penis?

Masculine organs come in many shapes and sizes, but no one can determine the factors that affect them. According to some studies and research, the average size of the flaccid penis is around 9-9.5 cm, or around 13 cm when a full erection happens. Of course, there are cases when it can be even bigger or smaller. The authors of the study say that only 5% of men have a penis longer than 16 cm when in full erection.

Here are some reasons why guys are deciding to perform penile surgeries:

1. The size as a separate reason

Men tend to believe that a bigger penis makes them more attractive and better at sex. In the past, people believed that this organ is the center of the man’s identity. The adult movie industry also defines some standards that may not be real, but guys are getting frustrated by that, and the girls have high hopes. Many people believe that there is a certain correlation between the physical characteristic and penile size, but there are no scientific and statistical proofs for that.

But, that doesn’t change the fact that some men are not satisfied with their size and decide to make something that includes penile elongation or shortening. Sometimes the size is related to sexual performance, but that doesn’t mean that bigger organs are better and vice versa.

2. Alternative methods don’t offer good results

There are a lot of non-surgical and alternative methods that theoretically can help with penile elongation. Still, the results are often temporary, or they take a lot of time until the patient gets the wanted result. For example, vacuum devices are used to draw blood into the organ so it can swell. This method may help for a better erection or as an impotence treatment, but there is no scientific proof that it can enlarge the penis. Pills and lotions can give a temporary result, but they are vitamins, minerals, and sometimes hormones, and their effect doesn’t last long.

3. Increasing the self-confidence together with the size

Many guys who think their penis is too small, think they are bad at sex, and that ruins their self-confidence. Penile lengthening surgery can help them when nothing else works. They only need to be aware that the recovery time is pretty long, and it may take up to one year until they can be beast in bed. Sometimes, it’s worth waiting, especially if they have a lot of problems with confidence, which affects their sexual performance.

4. Recovering from small-size anxiety

Small-size organs can be a cause for stress and anxiety. Even though many girls can confirm that they appreciate the technique more than the size, the guys often want more. Many of them can become anxious, especially if they compare their masculinity to the models in adult magazines or when their friends say they have big penises and tell them they are good in bed. The psychological reason is very strong in these cases, but before considering this type of surgery, the guys need to be aware that they can increase it for 1-3 cm, and they will see the results after one year. So, no one needs to hope for a miracle, and they need to have realistic expectations.

5. Fixing some health problems

Some men have health-related problems that come from the shape or size of their penis. If that happens, the guys should undergo a surgical intervention to fix some of these problems. Sometimes, these procedures will end with increased size.

6. Hygienic reasons

According to Dr. Elist, this type of surgery will help the men who have deformities, want better curvature, and are not satisfied with how it looks. We can’t stop the possible deformities and the hygienic problems they may cause. If someone is stopped to keep the genital area clean because of the shape and other physical features of the organ, a small surgery will help fix that.

Does this intervention have side effects?

Every surgical intervention brings risks and possibilities for side effects. Sometimes, in the recovery period, the patient may have swelling and pains. There are cases when the surgery ended with full erectile dysfunction. Rarely, the operation can end with a dangerous infection that requires penis removal.

If the surgery scares you, you can try with some of the alternative methods we mentioned before in this article. Still, you must know that even the herbal supplements may have side effects that will affect your general sexual performance severely.

If you want to improve your sex life, you should first free your mind from your penis’s negative feelings. Sometimes a better mindset may help more than a surgery. Always trim your pubic hair because it helps your penis look visually more prominent. If you are overweight, you may need to lose some weight because it also makes it appear smaller than it is.

Surgery is the best option when you have unsolvable health problems that affect your general physical and mental health and makes you sad, anxious, and stressed too.

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