10 Tips for Playing Wow Arena Like a Pro

October 8, 2021

People across the globe love to play WoW, one of the most popular games in the history of mankind. Ever since coming out to the market back in November of 2004, the game has had 8 major expansion packs, and the newest & latest one has happened in 2024. Have you played arena yourself? On there, teams of players can compete against each other in PvP matches. If you and your teammates wish to get better in the arena fighting mode & feature, make sure that you practice & follow some basic tips and rules, such as the following!

10 Tips for Playing Wow Arena Like a Pro

1. Go for the right class

Different classes have different strengths, which is why you should make up your mind from the get-go. With time and constant practices, trials & errors, you will easily specialize in something that suits you & that works well for you. Don’t keep changing to a different class because you aren’t doing well initially, but rather invest time & patience into mastering your chosen category.

2. You should have an overall knowledge of the game

Developing overall game knowledge takes time and it might seem tricky since there are so many different paths & fields that one can explore & look into. WoW Arena PvP requires a high level of general teams, strengths, weaknesses & strategy. Also, add-ons can help you get the information you need easily, which is why you should take your time in figuring out the game before going in with your team.

PS: You can learn a lot about it on the WoW Wiki site. The more you know about the game the better you will perform.

3. Communication

Communication is key to winning any game, but especially when playing WoW PvP in arenas. It is crucial for you to have a tactic and to talk to your teammates in mastering the needed skills. You should discuss CC chains, kick order/priority, as well as your movement throughout the game. Who is going to wipe out who? Do your teammates have more experience in playing? If so, let them take a lead!

4. Play with trustworthy & consistent teammates

Trying to find consistent teammates is one of the harder things when it comes to the WoW arena. As time passes you should build up a pool of people that suit you and that have energy that you seak & wish to find in a player. Thanks to loads of forums and Reddit posts, everyone can find their new teammate. If you’re a skilled player and someone who knows how to win, we advise that you organize the group & have them follow your intuition.

5. What’s your experience been like?

You should get to understand your initial experience in the PvE environment. PvE stands for Player vs Environment, and it translates to dungeons, quests, as well as different scenarios that are outside of the arena. When playing these side games and getting the needed knowledge and when upgrading your skills, you are mastering the craft & arts of it all. Spend them picking up new quests & information, you will love it.

6. Get the equipment

What are your go-to tools or weapons? You should have the right equipment with you when going into an Arena PVP mode. Having poor equipment will lead to you having a downfall way sooner than you’d expect. To get better equipment it is recommended that you spend a lot of your time in dungeons and on raids. With this approach, you will get the rewards and level gear for easier fighting & mastering the game.

7. Skirmish mode

Start playing Wow PvP in Skirmish mode since it can be a lot helpful to your arena approach & experience. With it, you will see the PvP experience without worrying about your rating or about losing your position on the scoreboard. Take a deep breath and sink in all the knowledge. As time goes on you will have to play in rated mode, so enjoy Skirmish at the beginning.

8. Use keybinds

Binding the abilities you use the most often in the arena is much faster than clicking with a mouse when playing + it speeds up your gameplay. Try to bind to keys that you can easily reach when playing the game. Go for something on the left side of the keyboard. Although it will take some adjusting & trials & errors, you will master it.

9. Review your gameplay

Guys or girls who have a proper setup can look into and rewatch their game each time after playing. Do you usually record yourself when playing WoW? If so, you will easily spot what you’re doing wrong in the arena by taking your time to investigate & revise each move. You will get better by picking up on some minor mistakes, and you will be trustworthy & prepared for the arenas!

10. Use add-ons & macros

Have you used add-ons before? These are damage meters, rotation aids, and UI modifiers. All of them can help with the PvP approach gameplay. This also applies to macros, which are a way for you to perform more than one action at a time using only one fast single click. You can create your own macros & have fun with your teammates!

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