8 Benefits of Preparing a Financial Plan

September 16, 2020

The financial plan is a financial tool to keep finances in order and provide guidance in spending and other business decisions. You need to prepare a visible goal and not just in your head to stay following what you want to accomplish and ready to do it. It can be difficult for a business owner like you to find time preparing a financial plan with all the tasks and responsibilities that need to be undertaken. However, finding time to make the financial plan can carry you a long way in terms of finances and achieving business goals.

A written financial plan can help you make decisions for business aspects that need improvements such as product development, marketing strategies, and process. Improved business operations could create more revenue and even longevity for the company. Neglecting to prepare a financial plan could mean missing out opportunities and optimizing strength since there is no proper plan to execute things for action.

Let’s discuss in detail below the advantages the financial plan can create for your business. You can also access eFinancialModels for financial plan templates.

1. Help Sets Business Goals

Every company has defined goals in mind. However, without a proper plan to execute could take time to achieve these goals and even missing opportunities since priorities might change, and resources can be diverted to secondary purposes. On the other hand, the prepared financial plan can serve as a manual for the company to guide the management and employees in setting priorities and giving more clear direction.

It is essential to regularly check the financial plans and update if necessary since the actual performance can divert from the plan. The financial plan should also be in line with the company’s value, giving more push and inspiration to work in achieving those goals since it can create a sense of fulfillment and achievement both personally and professionally for the management and staff.

2. Provide Motivation and Commitment

By having a clear direction of what to do, you can have a more sense of motivation and commitment. Any doubts and uncertainty can be eliminated, and you will have a laser focus on achieving the goal. The employees would also be motivated and inspired to work better since they know what to do and expected. More definite goals result in concrete action, which can make the objective be achieved sooner compared to having no financial plan.

3. Proper Management of Cash Flows

Since the finances are already planned, the ins and outs of cash flows can be controlled and ensure that the business would not run out of cash. By planning, big purchases and unusual outflows can be foreseen and plan to source the funds needed. Additional investment, bank overdraft, and other possible options can be prepared. Without proper financial planning, the business might experience setbacks that can be mitigated otherwise.

4. Can Help Optimize Resources

Businesses, especially start-ups with limited resources and experience, must spend time preparing a financial plan to optimize their sources. If plan ahead, the resources can be appropriately used and keep the priority on the check. Expenses are also maintained as a plan to avoid unnecessary spending, resulting in a lack of funding to continue certain business activities.

5. A Push to Make Action

Since you already have a set financial plan, the only remains to do is to take action. With the guidance created by the financial planning, the process is more manageable and smoother than arbitrary decisions, causing chaos to the operation due to its possible setback for not thinking ahead before deciding. Though it will still not be a walk in a park, the financial plan can provide direction and makes tasks less complicated. When encountering difficulty along the way, financial planning can answer what needs to be done.

6. Provide Peace of Mind

As a business owner, financial planning can give you peace of mind by already anticipating scenarios and events that might happen. With that in mind, you already prepared back-up plans and stand-by resources if something unexpected happens. Though you cannot predict everything, of course, making an effort to anticipate what lies ahead can help you feel at ease and be clear-headed.

7. Serves as a Performance Standard

By setting the desired goal, you already know where you want the business to go. It serves as the performance standard of what needs to be done. You can improve the aspects that make the company lost money by improper fund management and unwise decisions. The elements that are doing great can be optimized to produce more value for the company.

8. Increase the Success Rate

The financial plan can increase the success rate for a project you want to venture into. It will serve as your manual in doing the business and a guide in making the decisions. Financial planning will be invaluable as you sail through in managing your company. Your chances of success would be higher by putting all the effort before starting the project. If you fail, the financial plan can also provide an exit strategy to minimize losses it can create.

As stated above, many benefits can be derived from financial planning. It can guide the decision-making of the business and help set the goal. Aspects that need improvement can be enhanced and optimized business units that bring value to the company. It can help save resources and optimize its use to produce the desired output. Without the financial plan, it could be challenging to achieve the organization’s goals and could create confusion for the personnel of what the organization is trying to achieve. If you like to increase the probability of success for your proposed project, then preparing a financial plan can significantly help.

There are widely available resources online that you can use; there is no need to start from scratch. Prepared financial plan templates can guide you for financial planning both for business and personal use. The financial plan templates are editable and easy to manipulate, helping you save time and resources instead of doing it on your own.

You can find easy edible financial plans online at in all formats including Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Google Docs and  Adobe PDF.

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