How to Send Bulk Emails Without Spamming: 5 Tips

October 23, 2020

How to Send Bulk Emails Without Getting Blacklisted

Mailing list is one of the most effective marketing campaigns. Special programs created for mass distribution will help to do this. But there are some nuances here, because of them your letter may appear in the folder marked as “spam”. To avoid getting into the spam or blacklist of the providers, it is necessary to send to the user only useful information with important data. If there are any stop words in the newsletter for which the provider considers the email to be “spam” or other factors that affect the quality of the information, there is a chance that the customer will not read your letter.

It is also important to configure auto-responders using email blaster – emails that the user will receive after performing certain actions on the website. This can be registration, adding an item in the cart, buying or viewing certain products in the catalog. It is better to send the confirmation of any actions to by email – so your address is less likely to be marked as spam, and then you can send a newsletter. In order for a message sent via email marketing software to appear in the “inbox”, it is necessary to follow several rules, described below.

Email addresses revalidation

You can buy a database of e-mail addresses or collect it by yourself, but checking the relevance of each address is mandatory. Sending mass-mailing to unused or incorrect addresses is an ineffective way to increase popularity of your brand.

You can determine the level of customer activity – for example, if there has been no answer to your letter for 90 days – feel free to delete the email address of this specific user.

Mail addresses need to be carefully checked because some of them are used by providers as spam traps. This method detects dishonest companies that steal or illegally purchase mailing lists. It is also possible to get caught in such a trap by getting addresses using the classic method. The user can voluntarily leave his e-mail on the website in a special form and subscribe to the newsletter. If there is a fake address among such addresses, there is a chance to appear in the blacklist of the provider.

After carefully checking and clearing the database of fictive and inactive addresses, it is possible to proceed to the next step.

Does the user want to receive mail?

Find out if customers want to receive the newsletter from your company. This will help to remove the mailing addresses of those users who are not interested in receiving more information in their mailbox.

Also do not send newsletters via software for emails to customers who have been shopping on your website several months ago and no longer performed any activity. Especially if the user has not subscribed to the newsletter. The main stage that precedes the start of an advertising campaign is the registration on the website. Customers interested in your company’s activities, goods and services will sign in and subscribe to the newsletter by themselves.

Subject of the letter

Many marketing experts believe that a fictitious and unusual topic for a letter will attract the user’s attention. This is not exactly the right point of view. Content that will mislead the customer may lead to your email being sent to spam.

Some words or phrases may be perceived as spam by the ISP itself, so your mailing will be automatically sent to the spam folder. To make the subject of the email not only interesting, but also useful, without causing negative emotions in the client, it is mandatory to follow some principles:

  • do not use headlines that may seem too attractive, that do not seem truthful;
  • do not use capital letters or exclamation points only;
  • do not use spam words, which may be such as “discount, free, password” and so on (the full list can be found in any search engine).

If the subject of your email is concise and informative, it increases the likelihood of receiving feedback from the user. ISP will keep in mind that clients open your emails and respond to them or perform targeted actions. This will minimize the amount of your emails that are going to spam.

At first glance, the topic of the newsletter may seem quite correct, but try to look at it as a user. If you feel that you would send such an email to spam yourself, make the subject more neutral and interesting.

Content subject matter

When using bulk emails service, not only the subject of the message, but also the content of the text is checked by spam filters. Therefore, when writing unique content, it is needed to follow some rules:

  • closely check the letter for any grammatical or punctuation errors;
  • accurately edit the texts;
  • leave only links that are correctly working;
  • do not crop the links;
  • do not make too long texts that do not contain key information;
  • use images, but in moderate amounts.

Please note that the letter should not consist of text only. Several paragraphs should be separated by subheadings, use lists of highlights to focus the users’ attention.

A correctly drafted letter sent by mass email sender will gain the trust of customers. They will perform targeted actions – go to the website, take part in promotions and so on. If there is no reaction to your newsletter for a long time – remove the address from the mailing list, this was mentioned above.

Link to cancel the subscription

Not all users want to receive your newsletter. If there is no button to cancel your subscription or it is hidden, your letter is more likely to be marked as spam. Many users do this if they can’t find an unsubscribe button for the first time.

It doesn’t matter if your email contains only useful content, information about incredible promotions and unique bonus offers. If a user no longer wants to receive emails from your company, he will mark it as the spam.

If the use of email mass sender will lead to complaints marked “spam”, your reputation will noticeably deteriorate. Such a marketing campaign will not make sense and will not be effective, and spam filters will not let your letter into the folder with the rest of inbox.

Wrap Up

Opened emails and targeted actions after reading are the perfect results for every company that uses email marketing and email sender software to increase user loyalty. But the probability that the email will end up in a spam folder is very high. A large number of hits in the spam folder will lead to reputation damage. Therefore, you should carefully examine and edit the content of an email sent by a bulk mail sender, and pay attention to the topic. A clinging and simple header at the same time will be the best helper in increasing the interest of the target client.

If the reputation has been tainted, it will take a long time to recover it, and your newsletter can still be marked as spam. Therefore send bulk emails using a service like Atom Park or similar ones.

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