How Does SEO Help in Blogging?

October 2, 2020

The way you write a blog not only depends on writing it perfectly. But also in the way you present it and choose your words. There are certain words over the Google that can help you reach a much larger audience than usual. These words are called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) words. Keep reading to know more!

Out of all the ways you can use the SEO words on your website, blogging has proven to be the most effective of all. Blogging helps in using the SEO words in a way that not only organically brings the audience to your website but also give them information. However, if you strictly base your content on SEO, Google wouldn’t appreciate it. It is more about the relevance and the intent of your content as well.

There are multiple ways in which you can use SEO in your blog posts and expand your reach.

Long-Tail Keywords

Most of the articles that rank in the topmost ranks on Google are usually the ones that have long keywords. But if you stuff your content with keywords, it would actually do more damage than good.

One way to avoid this is to use your keywords in long sentences. The keywords don’t have to feel forced into the content. You can use the keywords more than once in your blog, but it should mostly be focused on giving out information to the reader.

Place Keywords Smartly

Since keywords shouldn’t look forced, they should be placed smartly as well. Some of the best positions for your keywords would be the title of your blog, header, body, and the URL.

Mobile Friendly

You must ensure that your blog is mobile-friendly. Most of the searches over Google are done on mobile. So if your content is mobile-friendly, it would be better for your ranks on Google. All you have to do is add another URL for the mobile-friendly version of your post. Google is most likely to recognize your blog post if it has an additional link and rank it accordingly.

Meta Description

Once you have put your article out, it’s important that it compels the reader to read it. One of the tricks to sliding your SEO keywords is to put them in the meta description as well.

Meta Description is exactly under the article. It’s a brief of no more than 300 words of the whole article. If SEO rich and interesting, it will help you rank better on Google.

Alt Image Text

One more way of using SEO keywords is to use them in the Image Alt texts. When you use an image in your blog or article, click on the editing part and add the content in the Image Alt Text. Make sure that the content in the Image Alt Text is rich in SEO and not longer than 5 to 6 words. Be very specific in your description and keep out of “image of.” Alt tag help described an image about to Google, Bing or other search engine bots. So, it’s important for SEO to use alt tag.

Avoid Similarity

While you are on a restriction to use the SEO keywords, make sure that they are not too similar. One type of keyword will only have a restricted audience. So it’s important to use a variety of SEO keywords to ensure that the blog post or the article reaches multiple audiences.

Hyperlinking Helps

Apart from the popular opinion, hyperlinking your text will actually help in expanding the reach of your audience. And the good part is that there are no restrictions on how many hyperlinks you can add to your context. However, too many hyperlinks can harm the visual appeal of your article as well. So make sure that your hyperlinks are added smartly and are relevant to the context.


You must understand that your content wouldn’t start ranking immediately. You have to be consistent in your posting. It is important that you have a posting calendar. If you are consistent with your work, it would actually help in increasing your audience. Google don’t rank a new website early, every new site have to pass sandbox. Its take 3-6 months for each new site. At that time we should post content consistent. After overcome a website from the sandbox then will start ranking on google top page.


Organizing the way you post is also the key to have your blog posts and articles reach the target audience. It is important that your content makes a flow chart within the article itself, so the readers are not confused. It’s a most important part for you. It’s very hard to manage, but if you done it according to plan then your get result early. So, don’t ignore it for your site.

Keep Updating

When you are writing your blog, make sure that your content is evergreen and updated. Keep in mind that people are always looking for new information. It would help in reaching the right audience. Google also like updated content, so keep trying your content updated. If you are just update the article date then it’s a bad practice, you should add some new content in the article. At least 200-500 words new content are good for the old one.

Keep Removing Outdated Content

Always remember to cut out the content that is not relevant anymore. The content that is already done will take up unnecessary space. So it is better to keep removing it. Your updated content will rank better on the SERP API and much faster than the outdated content.

Overall, as much important as having good content is, it is also important to understand how it would reach the masses as well. When you are writing your blog or your article, adding SEO keywords would help in improving the ranks on Google searches. However, it should be kept in mind that keyword stuffing should be avoided at all costs, so the article is understandable and easy to read.

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