Why Choose A Sports Handicapper?

October 5, 2020

As more and more people begin to join the sports betting industry, the need for choosing a sports handicapper becomes greater. If you don’t know what a sports handicapper is, it is someone that breaks down the games and then delivers picks to customers looking for additional help.

This article will explain some reasons for choosing a sports handicapper and the benefits that they can provide to you, the sports bettor. Hopefully, you choose to use me as your sports handicapper, but do understand that there are many other potential options available.

Help You Win Money

The biggest and most important reason to choose a sports handicapper is that they can help you win money. That is the number one goal for all sports handicappers.

Sports handicappers do not work for any of the sportsbooks, and we genuinely try to deliver you winning sports picks every time that we send them out. This doesn’t mean that we will always deliver on our goal, but that is the main job of a sports handicapper.

The sports betting industry can be extremely difficult and frustrating at times, especially for new bettors breaking into the industry. If you are someone that has gotten off to a slow start, then perhaps choosing a sports handicapper can help turn things around for you.

Sports handicappers will not turn you into millionaires overnight, but choosing a sports handicapper can put you on the winning side of sports betting more times than not.

Picks Each Day

Another reason for choosing a sports handicapper is that picks will be delivered to you each day. That’s right, there are sporting events taking place around the world throughout the year, and sports handicappers will find these events and will deliver picks to you.

Most sports bettors tend to focus on the most popular sports or sporting events, but that is a big mistake. Less popular sporting events offer a chance to make some money as well, and that is why it is important to get these free picks each day.

Less Time on Research

Let’s face it; doing research is not enjoyable for anyone, especially for someone who is betting on sports. Unfortunately, research is one of the most important aspects of sports betting, and it can be the difference between winning or losing money.

This is why choosing a sports handicapper can be a gamechanger for sports bettors because the handicapper will do all of the research for you. That’s right; you will never have to do research again if you choose a sports handicapper.

Sports handicappers do this for a living, which requires them to spend the required amount of time doing research. Sports bettors are usually betting as a hobby, and not doing research will give them time to focus on other things.

New Betting Options

Most new bettors tend to stick to the most common betting options when placing a bet, and even some experienced sports bettors do the same. The three most common betting types are moneyline, total, and spread betting.

Sports handicappers will deliver most of their picks for these kinds of betting options, but they will also deliver other picks. Sports handicappers like myself will always look for the best betting options, and those options could be found on some unique betting types.

If you are someone that has always wanted to make a Future or prop bet, then choosing a sports handicapper can make that a reality for you.

Explore Different Sports

Another reason to choose a sports handicapper is that you will be introduced to a wide range of sports or sporting events. I discussed this a little bit earlier in the article, but it is worth repeating.

There are several great sports out there to bet on, but some bettors tend to stick to the same sports all the time. Sports handicappers like myself love exploring new sports, and we enjoy sharing that information with our customers.

Don’t get stuck betting on the same sporting events over and over, and let a sports handicapper open up a whole new world of possibilities for you.

Learn the Industry

Another benefit of choosing a sports handicapper is that it will help you learn the ins and outs of the sports betting industry. Sports handicappers don’t just deliver picks, but they deliver explanations of these picks each time as well.

Another thing that I do on my site is I offer tutorials and explain some of the aspects of sports betting to my customers. I not only help customers win money by delivering picks, but I also give them guidance that will help them make their own decisions as well.

Like I’ve mentioned before, the sports betting industry can be extremely difficult to navigate, and sports handicappers are there to provide plenty of guidance and helpful tips. I’m not satisfied unless my customers are winning money, and most other handicappers feel the exact same way.

Better Success Rate

The final reason that I am going to discuss choosing a sports handicapper is that you will have a better success rate on your bets. This goes back to the first point that I made about winning money, but it’s important to point this out again.

I share my betting success rate with my customers right on my website, and you can always stay up to date with how my picks are doing. There is a great chance that my success rate is higher than yours and higher than the average bettor.

You can see an example of a breakdown of one of the leading sports handicappers here at  This is only one example of a sports handicapper who has been in the industry for more that two decades handicapping sporting events.  Notice that the site shows the success rate for each sport, giving you a better idea of what sports the handicapper specializes in. Other sports handicappers will share their success rate as well, and you should always look for this information before signing up to receive any picks.

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