5 Trending Bob Wig Hairstyles you should try in 2024

November 6, 2020

We live in a time when we have so many options and possibilities handed on a silver plate. We can experiment with our looks and change them as often and as drastically as we wish. From permanent straightening to permanent waves, from color shampoos (offer coloring that lasts 3 to 5 washes) or hair day with much longer last, you can change your style with a simple visit to your hairdresser or even to it yourself at home. Nowadays there are so many tutorials on the internet with use full tips and tricks to do it yourself makeover at home.

But what if you want a more permanent solution? What if you don’t have the time and energy to style your hair every day over and over again? Women also suffer from hair loss for different reasons. It can be caused by chemotherapy used for curing cancer. If you need to go to chemo, you will probably face some hair loss, but there are cases when it only causes hair thinning. But, some of the medicines used during the therapy may cause your hair to fall out in clumps. Your doctor will probably explain what will happen, and you will be able to face the problem more bravely.

Besides chemo, more and more people suffer from Alopecia areata. This condition is also known as spot baldness, and its usual symptoms are hair loss from the head, but also from other body parts. Often it results in a few bald spots on the head, with different sizes, that may depend on how bad the condition is. The disease may cause psychological problems too. People who suffer, sometimes have problems with self-confidence, and losing their hair can affect them badly.

But, we are lucky to live in a time when there is a solution for everything, and when it comes to fixing the problems hair loss may cause, the wigs play a key role – and we can’t deny they have a huge influence over the fashion trends. They are the number one solution when someone wants to upgrade their looks, but don’t want to damage the natural hair with blow-dryers, straighteners, and different types of chemicals.

Also, wigs are not reserved just to cover the hair loss due to so many different reasons. It can be a great way to upgrade your style, or try new things, without having to visit a hairstylist. There are so many different types of wigs that you can choose from, and every season, you can wear the newest hair trends, while keeping your natural hair completely healthy.

There are so many types and styles, and you may want to have them all. But, if you want to look for a really great one, you can always visit this website, and follow the recent trends, and shop for a really great piece of fashionable addition to your hairstyle collection. And, when it comes to the 2024 trends, you may get inspired by some of these:

1. Classic bob cut

For a classic style, bob wigs are the perfect solution for women who want a straight cut, just like the popular Vogue’s editor Anna Wintour wears it for years. That means you will have to keep your hair straight all the time, by using heat straighteners, which may cause your hair to burn. But, if the popular journalist is your modern icon too, you can get inspired by her style, and choose a bob wig that looks similar to her. This is, at the same time, the simplest bob cut, but very modern and stylish too.

2. Curly bob style

This is the second option that we want you to consider as a choice. Even though we all think that curly hair is difficult to cope with, the trends in 2024 showed us the opposite. Curly hairstyles are always a great way to accessorize a romantic look for a dinner date but also a great hairstyle to wear with a blazer or a work blouse. A curly wig is a great solution for those who have a hair type that is difficult to curl or straightens very fast.

3. Platinum-blonde bob

If you want to experiment more and dare yourself to a big change, you can choose a blond wig. This has always a great effect and big difference in the looks, noticeable right away. Many people will categorize this wig as a brave move. You should always be aware and look after the tan and the color of your natural hair-like brows or lashes. Blond hair is hard to combine with some tans, too. Use phone apps to try out or consider talking with your hairdresser before you make your decision.

4. The popular balayage technique

This is a point when we talk about hair health. Some are blessed with tough hair and it can handle different treatments, straightening and making curls every other day, hydrogen and other chemicals included in hair colors without getting damaged. But others, are not so lucky, so they cannot make changes so often in order to keep the hair healthy.  In order not to cut out your wish to change, you can always try out different wings.

5. What about the red bob style?

Flaming red hair is something that every girl wishes for in some period of her life. It is pure passion and love. Also, maintaining red hair is even more difficult than blond one. The red dye is a type of dye that cannot stay maintained on the hair after a few washes. So, it is very demanding and also expensive to dye your hair so often and it is not so great not to cause with every wash you are left with less and less color on your hair. To protect your hair and budget a flaming red bob wig is a great solution.

No matter the reason why you choose to wear a wig, and no matter if you change it often or stick to one wig, they offer to make changes in your look when you are in the mood for it, and yet without being permanent, and it is always a good idea to consult your hairdresser.

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