6 Things to know before using a Bong for the First Time

November 18, 2021

If you are using bong for the first time, this experience can be quite confusing for you. However, it is much easier than you think. All you need to do before smoking a bong is to find out how to use it, as well as a few more things. You should first fill it with water and pack the bowl. Then you can light the pot and fill the smoke chamber with smoke.

After that, you can start smoking bong. Our advice is to start inhaling the smoke very lightly until you feel more comfortable. You can use bottled or tap water, it doesn’t matter. Depending on the size of the bong, fill it by leaving space above the top.

1. Devices can be different

It works on a very simple principle. So, it is made of a very durable material or glass. Borosilicate is mainly used, and next to it you can find this item made of materials such as acrylic, wood and everything else. They also come in a variety of sizes. They can be very small devices, which are easy to store and hide compared to large devices that have additional functions. Such devices offer a significantly improved smoking experience. To get the best experience, you need to get acquainted with all the components of this device. And you shouldn’t rush with decision, since there are so many models. Just visit and you will see what we are talking about.

2. Parts of the bong

It consists of a vessel, a stem, an inner part or base, a smoke chamber, and a mouthpiece. You can also find a small opening. It is called a carb hole. The bowl has an important task because it holds your bong. Exception is when the container is not made entirely of glass, because it can also be made of other materials. These are steel or copper. The stem is the part to which the vessel is attached, and it extends to the base. The part that is inside the bong is in the water. The biggest part is the base that holds the water. There smoke accumulates and comes out of the water. A tube that is a large cylinder comes out of the base, and it passes right there before it reaches the part that rests on the lips. Finally, the mouthpiece is the part you put in your mouth to inhale the smoke.

3. Smoking bong

Of course, for complete enjoyment you need to smoke bong properly. When you pour water into your bong, grind your cannabis with your hands, grinder or scissors. Next, place a certain amount of cannabis in the bong bowl. Don’t put too much, because that will clog the pipe. Try to take small amounts, especially if you smoke alone. Light a bong, open a window if you don’t want the whole room to smoke. It is also important to sit at the table in case you have to put off the bong because of a cough. Of course, make sure there are no flammable objects near you. While holding the bong, use the hand that is dominant. Before inhaling smoke, take a breath. This will fill your body with oxygen and make it easier for you to exhale smoke. Light a bong with your free hand and enjoy.

4. Water temperature

This is an individual matter, but water can greatly affect the overall experience. If you use water that has room temperature, you can never go wrong and this is great for most smokers. However, you can experience great benefits if you start experimenting with colder or warmer water. For example, a certain temperature can offer you a much more pleasant smoke. In the second case, if you want to avoid throat irritation, it is best to consume water that has a similar temperature to a cup of tea.

This will remove a lot of the roughness you might have tasted. This way, you will not only avoid discomfort, but you will also be able to afford treatment for your sinuses. If you opt for cold water, you will get a very thuck and milky hit. This means that it will be stronger, because cold water contributes to the condensation of smoke. That is why there are bongs with ice chambers in order to achieve a stronger effect. This is also not good for the throat.

5. Maintenance

Your container must be clean at all times. This means that you need to know how to clean it and prepare it for use. This way, it will always look nice, especially if it is made of glass. You will also have a great smoking experience and you will not endanger your health. How can a dirty bong affect my experience? It’s very simple. As you know, it is not easy to find high quality cannabis. It needs great conditions in order to develop into a quality plant, and in addition, it needs a lot of skills and patience to achieve the appropriate taste.

If you find plants like this, don’t spoil their potential with a dirty bong. Not only will you get an ugly taste but the rest of the tar and moles will be very irritating to your throat. Cleaning a bong depends on how often you use it. The more you use it the more tar and resin will accumulate. It is best to rinse it after each use.

6. Difference in materials


The most popular material is glass. It will provide you with the cleanest hits, because it is a material that is more resistant to heat shocks and temperature changes. This makes it very durable. They are also versatile, because you have the option of using accessories such as multiple water chambers, ash traps, etc. However, they can break easily and are more expensive. Acrylic bong is mostly of fun design, and it is practically indestructible.

It is also cheaper and offers a worse experience compared to others. That is why it is not a recommendation for experienced smokers, but it is a great choice for beginners. The ceramic bong is extremely durable and reliable, it will do the job well. Silicone is very similar to this material and it is the oldest type of bong. In addition, it is easy to clean and can be washed in the dishwasher. It is soft and pliable which means you can take it everywhere with you. It can withstand extremely high temperatures, but also low.


Get a quality bong and learn how to use it. Don’t forget to maintain it properly and we are sure you will have great fun.

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