Top 6 Ways Real Estate Agents Generate Listings

June 15, 2022

1. Call Expired Listings

People who own homes often forget to renew their listings when they expire. Expired listings are an opportunity for agents to generate new real estate leads and capture buyers looking for homes on the market. Expired listings often get a lot of interest from buyers with active real-estate searches online.

Once these potential clients start following an expired listing, they might not realize it yet and could purchase without speaking to a real estate agent.

2. Door Knocking


Another successful way real estate agents generate new leads is to go door-knocking and introduce themselves to homeowners living nearby. It is often good to have the homeowner’s permission before going into the home, especially if you go in person.

In some cases, neighbors may even use the vacant property as their own storage space. It is more common in urban areas with high housing costs, but it can happen anywhere. Door-to-door real estate leads are not always successful, but they are worth making a move for inquiry.

Always be respectful and kind when talking with other people, and you will find that you get a lot more information out of them. It helps build rapport with local customers; I have you consider the difference between what a yard signs and door-knocking can accomplish.

First, walking up to a dwelling is an individual asking you if you are looking to buy or sell. It is less aggressive than ringing the doorbell and forcing your way in, regardless of whether they are interested or not.

Also, be prepared to answer any questions they may have that may help you determine whether they would be good clients.

3. Frequently Post on Social Media

If you are a real estate agent with valuable property or a special promotion, the best thing you can do is post it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. After posting about new listings or new specials, including one of your contact phone numbers, you don’t want to miss out on customers who found you online.

When they get off the phone with you, they may call you if they are interested in finding other properties that match what you have. It is an excellent way to establish your credibility as an agent who knows how to get the job done.

Customers who know that you are available and will answer the phone when they need to talk to you are a great sign of trust. You can expect the average homebuyer to call or email you at least once every six months.

If you have less than ten years of experience, then it might be wise to take advantage of this opportunity rather than letting opportunities with other clients slip through the cracks. It would help if you used your apps and websites to the fullest extent; make sure you take advantage of this resource.

Show off pictures of the homes you have sold or those you have listed for sale. It can generate interest in your properties from people who may be interested in purchasing a new home from you.

4. Attending Network Events

Going to a real estate show in your area can help you meet up with potential clients and increase your exposure to people who might be interested in buying or renting a new home. It can be hard to find many agents willing to attend these events, but it is worth the effort.

You may even get introduced to other professionals who could offer you some much-needed advice on getting more leads and making more money. Even if you are not selling or buying a home, you can use these events to help you find potential clients.

If you have personal relationships with other people interested in real estate, then it might be a good idea to invite them along with you. If you have one or several connections that go to these events, then it is worth your time to go with them.

You can talk to people and learn more about the home buying and selling process and marketing strategies that you might not have considered before.

5. Send I Have a Buyer for Your Home Letters

Once you have decided to sell your home, be sure that you send a personalized letter to potential buyers. It should include information about the property, its worth, and a link to the online listing.

These letters help real estate firms generate more leads. Furthermore, the seller provides buyer for your home letters as assurance that they will be able to easily sell their property to a buyer. Letters like these are in great demand from people who want extra information and statistics about your home.

They are usually willing to pay for other services, but only if they feel they are getting what they have paid. Selling your home is a big step, so you need to ensure that you take care of every detail. You should also include your contact information and any other information that buyers might need.

You can give your customers all the necessary details at no extra charge. The art of selling a home encompasses much more than just placing an ad on Craigslist or showing up at open houses. You need to know your market and what is worth offering on the open market and know where to find buyers.

One way to do this is to contact local realtors and ask if they have any information about your area’s most recent sales and home prices. You can also check out local newspapers or even the Internet for data that will help you determine current trends.

6. Geo Farm, a Neighborhood

Since the Internet gives you access to a global audience, you can use it to determine which neighborhoods are going through gentrification. Once you know this, you can target specific areas and advertise your services accordingly. It will help you sell or rent your home in a much shorter period.

While you may think that selling or renting your home is as easy as placing an ad on the Internet, you must consider what makes your home unique from the others on the market. You can start by looking at your house and ensuring that it is in the right shape, size, and location.

You can think about how you would describe your home to someone looking for a new place to live. If you have a lot of people who come by for open houses, you may consider changing the look of the front entrance. Whether it’s repainting or adding something like shutters, it can help to make the house more attractive to potential buyers.


The real estate market is constantly changing, and it is essential to keep up with the ever-changing trends. Home buyers are looking for something that other real estate agents are not providing, so you need to be the one who can provide them with information about the current market and how it can benefit them.

If you want to be competitive in today’s market, you should consider looking at some of these newer ways of marketing your home.

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