How to Use Social Media To Generate More CBD Gummies Sales

May 12, 2020

One of the biggest challenges in running your own CBD gummies business, is getting your brand in front of potential customers. Yes, people are actively seeking CBD gummies online, and yes, your super awesome gummies are an easy sell. The problem is that there seem to be a million other brands with similar products, similar SEO strategies, and similar target markets. So how are you supposed to rise to the top and reach the sales potential you know your brand has?

Developing an excellent social media strategy is the answer. Consumers today want marketing to be highly personal, and they want to feel like they have a relationship with their favorite bands. When you build a social media community around your products, you will get followers talking about your brand, sharing your brand information with their friends and family, visiting your site and buying your products.

Social media offers access to highly targeted audiences, and your strategy needs to be well-planned. There are some nuances to marketing cannabis products that you should be aware of, but your brand has the potential to reach more customers than ever with some patience and marketing savvy.


Stay Aware of the Rules

As of the time of this article, most social media platforms only allow paid ads for topical cannabis products made with hemp-derived CBD that contain no more than 0.3 percent THC. This means you cannot pay for advertising that mentions your CBD gummies or oils, and your advertising cannot redirect to your site selling those products. Some sites like TikTok and Twitter do not allow any sort of paid advertising for CBD at all.

Because of the grey area CBD gummies fall into, rules are always evolving. Keep an eye out for changes so you can be among the first to take advantage of new rules as they become more relaxed.

Build Your Account to Reflect Your Brand’s Personality

Much like other brands such as Verma Farms, you put time and energy into building a brand for your CBD gummies, and it doesn’t stop with your website. Check in with your branding to make sure it matches what you are aiming for and speaks to your target audience, then double down and build your social media accounts as if your brand was a person. We don’t mean that you should catfish your followers. Just that your brand should have a voice and a personality, and your followers should be able to pick that up immediately when they look at your account.

Create Excellent Content


Just as you have been focusing on providing high-quality, useful content on your website, do the same for your social media accounts. Your posts will look different for each platform you use, and they need to be tailored not only to the norms of the platform, but also to the audiences you will reach on each. Instagram users expect to see something different from Facebook users, who expect something different from TikTok, and so on.

Your content should be interesting and informative, and it is ideal to post every day. Keep variety in your posts by switching up the format. Here is an example of a basic posting schedule to get you started:

  • Monday: Educational post
  • Tuesday: CBD related meme or other fun post
  • Wednesday: Inspirational post
  • Thursday: Survey
  • Friday: Promotional post
  • Saturday: Video
  • Sunday: User-generated content post

Build a Following and Engage

Your strategy to build your following will vary depending on which platforms you are using, but keeping those followers will always require engagement from you. Reach out and follow potential people in your target audience. Like your followers’ posts, comment on them, and always respond when they comment on your posts or tag your account.

Ask followers to post pictures of themselves enjoying your CBD gummies or doing the things they feel empowered to do when they take CBD products, then tag you in their posts. Once a week, share that content and tag your followers back. This is a great way to get a dialogue going with your brand’s fans and build a sense of community around the brand.

Hire an Influencer


You don’t need to spend an absolute fortune to hire an influencer to get people talking about your brand. You are actually better off spending a little less money and getting a micro-influencer. These people have smaller audiences, but they are more engaged, which is what CBD consumers are looking for. Find an influencer whose personality matches your branding and watch the conversation take off.

Final Thoughts

Your CBD gummies brand needs a community around it in order to expand your audience and increase your conversion rate. If you already have great content on your website, now is the time to start building your content on your social media accounts. Get your brand established on at least a couple social media platforms, then start engaging with your audience. Follow people back, like and comment on their posts, and always respond when they comment on yours.

When you build a personal connection with your followers, you will create a network of some of the most loyal customers around. They will tell their friends and family about your brand, and they will keep coming back for more of your fabulous CBD gummies.

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