7 Ways to Apply Technology in Business Growth Strategies

May 9, 2020

Technology is advancing at a pace that’s difficult to follow, especially in the past couple of years, and although this is a great thing for humanity, some trends are just changing way too fast for the average business owner.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the seven most popular ways of applying technology in business-growing strategies, so if you are currently trying to expand, or you’re just curious to learn some more, you’re more than welcome to keep on reading until the end.
  1. Mobile availability and usage

As you can already see for yourself, everything in the world of technology is slowly but surely becoming smaller. What was once a computer larger than an entire room, today is just a six-inch smartphone with a thousand times faster processor and a lot of new and upgraded features.

What we’re trying to say by this is that people like to have their devices with them everywhere they go, and they want to have the entire world and all of its information in their hands. Smartphones are slowly taking over, and sooner or later they will be more powerful than a desktop machine.

If you have a website for example, which is pretty much a must-have these days, you should give your best to optimize it for mobile users. If you fail to do this, you’re missing out on a lot of potential visitors. People no longer want to go back home and sit on their desk, then turn on their PC and open a browser just so they can check out your webpage.

  1. Flow along with social media

No matter what kind of business you own, and how old-school you think that it is, you just cannot deny the importance and influence social media platforms have on today’s society. Even if your job is to make keys and locks, advertising it on social media will have a huge impact on your growth. Not to mention how important this is for businesses that rely on building a network and a loyal customer base. Imagine owning a pizza bakery and not letting others know how to contact you or where to find you.

  1. Making an app

You might think that making an app is something that’s just “not right” for your business, but as we mentioned above, there isn’t one type of a job that cannot benefit from a website or an app these days. Once again, if you’re a locksmith, you’re probably thinking that an app is useless for your type of work, but that’s not true. You can make it so that people can book appointments, make orders, or just contact you through it. Everything is possible in the smartphone app world.

Creating an app is not even as difficult as some people think, and if you are not skilled in doing it yourself, you can hire a freelancer or ask someone you know to help you out. It doesn’t have to look perfect, it just needs to function properly.

If you are struggling with any of your business plans, you can always visit CreiTive, a Digital Product Agency and see what they have to offer. We find their services to be very helpful for the growth of your business.

  1. Web-based payments

Cash is slowly becoming old-fashioned, and it’s just a matter of a few years before everyone stops using it. Also, when somebody wants to pay you, but they’re not physically close to you, you should either give them an option to do so, or you’re losing a customer. There are numerous ways that you can set-up countless payment method options so that none of your customers feel unavailable or left out. Also, by doing this you’ll be able to accept international payments.

  1. Digital Marketing

Long gone are the times when people called your landline or knocked at your door to advertise a certain product or a service. Nowadays as a business owner, you don’t have to do any of these things, thanks to the internet and the number of people using it. Digital marketing is far more effective than the traditional one, meaning that you can achieve much greater growth by spending less time and effort. Technology is a wonderful thing, and it benefits all of your business growth strategies.

Whether you’re going to create campaigns or contact social-media influencers to promote your products and services, it’s totally up to you, but all of those options are more than viable.

  1. Online project-managing

Did you know that managing the product is at least ten times easier than it was a few decades ago? You no longer have to stack entire mountains of files and track progress on a piece of paper. Today we have a lot of websites such as and Trello where people can create a free account and get invited to a certain company’s project.

By doing this, everybody can mark their progress and the project manager can know exactly how every member is performing, what changes need to be made, and what the next step towards the goal should be. A truly great way to stay more organized, and most importantly, more productive. We all know that increased productivity means growing your business.

  1. Remote-computer access

Last but not least, we decided to add remote-computer access because we think that it’s of great significance. Imagine a situation where your IT person is from another country, but they are unable to help you until they arrive at your physical location. You’d have to wait for so long until your issue is resolved.

Thankfully, we have remote-computer access technology and it allows an expert to take control of our PC and solve our issue for us. This is huge for both IT companies and regular companies as well, because who doesn’t use a computer in these modern times?

Remote-computer access can be used for a lot of different things as well, not just the example we mentioned above. The best thing about it? It can be set-up so easy by using software such as TeamViewer or any other choice that fits your situation better.

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