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5 Types of Chatbots That Will Help Your Business Grow

March 7, 2023

Every business has distinct aims and objectives therefore different promotional tactics are required to enhance the overall brand image. State-of-the-art tools like Artificial Intelligence can essentially aid businesses by offering personalized integrations as well as platforms that completely match the company’s particular aims by keeping away from a ‘one-size fits all’ solution.

Chatbots are a type of AI tool that countless companies have included in their websites. They greatly help in meeting customer demands and satisfying their needs. However, with so many different types of Chatbots present in the market, how can you choose the one that best meets your business requirements?

We have made this quest easier for you by enlisting the top five Chatbots that will greatly help in enhancing your business operations, attracting new customers, and retaining loyal ones. So sit back, relax, and keep reading.

1. Support Chatbots


Support Chatbots are one of the most common kinds. These applications are particularly created to help aid your consumers especially when they are confused and feel directionless. These Chatbots answer their most frequently asked questions within seconds and also provide additional context in order to enhance the understanding of the customers.

So if you also want to conserve the time of your customers and want to provide them with accurate, timely answers, we would suggest you include support Chatbots in your daily operations. You’ll be surprised to know that many telecom companies have started incorporating support Chatbots in their daily functions.

Optimum for instance has an SMS Chatbot for its consumers with support questions, giving users instant access to around-the-clock support. A customer can easily text their concern, and the bot will make use of language processing to bring the consumer the best possible solution in their native language. This means that if for example you are of Hispanic descent using this ISP’s services, and face an issue at three in the morning, Optimum Servicio al Cliente en Español bot would be readily available to resolve your issue.

2. Smart AI Chatbots


While many different Chatbot apps are straightforward question-and-answer interfaces, there are also intelligent AI Chatbots that take things to greater levels. Smart AI conversation can analyze complex questions and learn and becomes smarter by applying machine learning.

For huge brands that handle a range of incoming requests from a large group, smart AI is a perfect application. They can handle inquiries and requests that go beyond straightforward FAQs and so assist your company in managing more intricate client relationships.

3. Scripted Chatbots


If your company doesn’t require the intricate AI abilities of smart Chatbots, you can always opt for scripted Chatbots that are more useful for small businesses. These Chatbots follow a pre-programmed script, which helps to provide clear responses to customer queries.

Scripted Chatbots often use certain prompts to boost the customers to give the kinds of inputs that they require to provide a specific response. They also sometimes allow the customers to choose their query from a list of options; this saves the customers from the hassle of typing long paragraphs.

Whenever inquiries deviate from the script, the bot frequently directs users to a live chat or provides contact information so they can ask more in-depth questions. Even though these Chatbots have fewer capabilities, they can assist customers with common requests and are quick and simple to set up on your website. They are also frequently much less expensive than smart AI.

4. Pre-Built Chatbots


To facilitate implementation and speedy startup, many Chatbot applications are designed with pre-built features. These are frequently pre-written scripted Chatbots that only require simple inputs that are appropriate for your business. The bot is ready to be used once you have used the appropriate responses.

Pre-built bots work incredibly for businesses that aspire to get started right away with their Chatbot strategy, are continuously striving to administer incoming requests, or have a very occupied team that can’t dedicate a lot of time to creating a bot script from scratch.

5. Customized Chatbots


You will be surprised to know that several Chatbots come with DIY (do it yourself) options that can easily be personalized from beginning to end. With the assistance of drag-and-drop tools and other helpful templates, you can easily create a Chatbot for your company’s needs that is not using a readymade script.

You can also employ a Chatbot agency that essentially specializes in designing the personalized code for the Chatbot or works in creating smart AI Chatbots that have effective machine learning abilities.

Final Words

We are living in a digital world. Almost every day we learn about a new technological advancement. Hence, it is only wise for us to consider investing in AI technology that can simplify our business operations and bring efficiency and effectiveness to our daily functions. We hope the five Chatbots that we have mentioned in this article will help you in taking your business to greater heights. Good luck!

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