12 Smart Ways to Use Twitter For Business Marketing

November 25, 2020

While social media represents a great way for people to stay in contact with each other and have a lot of fun, these platforms are great marketing tools as well. Twitter is one of the most prevalent social networks for a long time, and every company can use it as a great way to communicate with their clients. A lot of people would choose to follow more than just entertainers, which means that they will follow companies to learn more about their deals as well. Therefore, if you own a private business, this social media platform can be a great solution for your marketing strategy. Here are some of the top methods to use this social media for your commercial advertising.

1. Build Your Followers

If you manage to target people properly, you could get a lot of people potentially interested in your products or services. In that matter, you have to make sure that your content can attract more people and share it over their accounts. For example, if you introduce a new product or offer a discount, a large number of followers will provide you with a much higher chance to have more sales. Moreover, if you are new on Twitter, building a large group of followers might seem complicated at the start. Therefore, it can be useful to use a service like Followersbiz and hire them to reach more followers instantly.

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2. Manage Your Contacts with Twitter Lists

When you follow a higher number of accounts on this social network, it might get complicated and time-consuming to keep track of all of them. In that case, you can create separate lists of people in which tweets you are most interested. You can choose to create both private and public lists, and the difference between them is that people in the public list will know that you have added them to your chart. You can find other’s people lists as well. The best way is to check lists of those people with millions of followers.

3. Hashtags are Very Important

Most people are making the same mistake by thinking about how adding more hashtags will increase their reach. However, the fact is that adding only one of two proper hashtags has over a 20% chance to reach new followers than adding more of them. In that matter, be sure to choose the right ones. They should be related to your targeted group and the products you are offering. You can research potential hashtags by checking the most used keywords on the platform.

4. Research Keywords More Often

You should use additional tools to analyze the most popular keywords at any moment. By finding the most popular phrases, you can create content and use those words in the description or as tags. Using the right keywords will increase the chances that you will appear in someone’s feed. Moreover, you can follow accounts that are using the same phrases and place your comments there to promote yourself.

5. Use Your Pinned Tweet

You can select the most popular story on your account and pin it to always remain on the top of your page. That will make it visible to anyone as the first content that potential followers will see. Also, you can remain active and share whatever you want, while the most important tweet will remain on the top all the time.

6. Twitter Cards

You can avoid the monotony by adding some interesting content to your feed. One of the greatest methods is to use Twitter cards. In that case, each account that shares stories from your account will also share the picture or a link to some website along with that. You can choose between seven types of these cards.

7. Find Influencers and Connect with Them

Influencers are people that have the most followers and that engage with people more often. Also, their tweets are being shared by millions of users every day. You can use data related to their followers and create content that will attract them. Also, you can choose a more expensive option and contact some of those influencers to mention your business in their tweets.

8. Target Your E-Mail List Over Twitter Ads

Email marketing is one of the best methods of promotion. However, combining it with social media accounts can make your marketing even more efficient. You can use the Tailored audience feature to connect people in your email list who have their accounts on this platform.

9. Research The Followers of Your Competition

Another excellent method that can help you to gain more followers is to check out brands that are similar to yours and analyze their engagement with people who are following their accounts. You could use some of their methods, keywords, content, and hashtags to attract more people.

10. UTM Tracking

This is an extraordinary option that you can use to get more data related to the activities of your followers. For example, you can check how many people viewed your tweets, what did they do after that. Also, you can check how many of them clicked on the link that leads to your company’s website and many other analyses.

11. Use Interesting Headlines

Since there are so many people who are active on this social media platform, choosing the right sentence as a headline is very important if you want more people to become interested in your business. Therefore, be sure to add some interesting and engaging headlines to your tweets. Moreover, there are tools available that you can use to determine the right content for your headlines.

12. Twitter Analytics

This digital instrument is similar to that we can use in the Google search engine. It is very important to follow the statistics related to how many followers you are getting every day, how many of them re-shared your stories and try to improve your account in case that you are losing followers. Also, you can determine the type of content that attract your followers the most, such as images, hashtags, links to websites, and more.

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