This Is How The TikTok Algorithm Works

March 10, 2021

Are you ready to discover the TikTok Algorithm? TikTok relies on a system for evaluating videos by community members to offer them content with a high engagement rate that custom-made for their needs and interests. Due to the unique way the app’s algorithm functions, conquering engagement on a global scale through providers such as and scooping immense numbers of TikTok followers and likes is what people dream of on TikTok (either during their waking hours or late at night). Did you know that by developing an evaluation system that focuses on the videos the TikTok members like to watch? This is what the TikTok algorithm does with one clear goal in mind: to continue offering content with a high engagement rate, saving us time for browsing for such valuable content ourselves. But how are these videos redirected to the right users each time? Without further ado, let’s take the red pill and enter the backstage of the most popular social network of the moment. Here’s how the TikTok view algorithm works.

 How the Tik Tok view

Algorithm Works in 6 Simple Steps

Right now, TikTok’s operation and algorithm are pretty straightforward to understand.

  1. You create and upload your video to TikTok. Don’t bother making very polished videos (unlike Youtube). What’s so special about TikTok is that you will be able to become popular even with very simple rendering, which can get thousands of views in a few days, just like any ‘professional’ video does.
  2. TikTok analyzes your video using its artificial intelligence to identify its subject.
  3. It then displays your content to a small audience (less than 500 people), but one that is likely to like what you share. This video runs on the “For You” page alongside already popular
  4. videos for a few minutes.
  5. Afterward, TikTok’s algorithm calculates your content’s virality rate, namely how many views, downloads, and shares it yields. But above all, the algorithm’s top concern is the video’s retention rate.
  6. Following a positive score, your video will then be displayed to a larger panel of users. The results will be tested again and again. If they are positive, the cycle repeats itself and exposes many more people to your new video until your content no longer interests the crowds.

A point system for viral videos

Of course, another way to assess the content on TikTok and display content according to particular interests and preferences, the algorithm considers various engagement metrics the app uses; comments, likes, and shares. Here’s an estimated score hierarchy that assigns content per user interaction:

  • Rewatch rate = 10 Points
  • Completion rate = 8 Points

Unlike other social networks, though, the number of followers or views on a video is not a criterion for TikTok. If some videos do not suit your tastes, they will not necessarily be shown to you.

Growing your TikTok video’s distribution rates

As mentioned above, TikTok uses AI technology to determine how good your content is and what its ranking is on a scale of ten views to millions of video views. The higher the completion percentage your videos get, the more distribution will grow. Once the distribution grows, the

velocity metrics will also increase and consequently bring more eyes to see your videos. This means you can easily go from 10 people to 1000 people than from 100k people to 200k people. On the TikTok algorithm, ‘completed’ views get a special treatment weight on it. Therefore, you have to make sure your videos begin with a hook, something to attract people and make them watch them from start to finish because otherwise, it will harm your videos’ reputation, and they won’t get noticed. Keep in mind that it is essential to keep your videos around 10 to 15 seconds to make them viral.

Other useful strategies to get your videos an engagement-boost:

Use Hashtags

Find the most relevant hashtags in your niche, and don’t forget to include them in your future videos. When your content sports a healthy balance between popular hashtags and more esoteric ones, you grow your videos’ chances to shine and become viral.

Work Up On Your Videos’ Visual Appeal!

There will be no harm in you taking a few more minutes to fine-tune your videos visual-wise to make them more aesthetic and fun to watch. If you don’t know how to do so, we recommend beginning with the basics; adding text overlays and other video-effects found at your disposal. Remember that social media is all about visual-appeal and stimulation, so staying behind in that regard will not get you very far!

If you’ve already exhausted all the video-effects you could think of, you can always find inspiration in the most-trending pages in your niche and use any effects featured there as you see fit.

Collaborate With Other TikTokers

How does the saying go, ‘two are better than one’? You’d be surprised to hear how true this remark is where TikTok is concerned. If you feel like you’ve run out of ideas for creating new videos on your own, or you happen to know a TikTok mega-star, maybe it’s time you two collaborated and created something new. Such collaboration benefits both participants since it exposes their videos to an altogether new audience, which might be quite hard to get their attention otherwise. Of course, making new friends is also a big plus!


In most cases, social-media lovers don’t put all of their eggs in one basket or one social platform. Therefore, do yourself and your TikTok page a big favor and share the content you upload on other social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This is an efficient, easy way to raise awareness of your TikTok page and build up its reputation.

Final Words

We all know that the TikTok algorithm does a work of art in always displaying the right videos at the right time. This article tried to outline the basic principles the algorithm follows to providing us with entertaining moments on TikTok.

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