5 Ways to Make Cannabis Infusions and Tips to Cultivate this Plant

May 27, 2020

Growing cannabis, either for medicinal or recreational purposes, is a practice quite extended all over the world, and it’s getting legal in more and more countries every day.

The reasons are certainly varied, but the main reason is that it has many medical benefits, and in some cases, it can even help with several symptoms that ‘normal’ medication can’t.

Cannabis leaves and seeds contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol), which are just two of the at least 113 cannabinoids that are present in this plant. These cannabinoids help with several conditions because they interact with some receptors located in the body that limit the effects of many diseases.

There are many different diseases cannabis can help with, and here are some of them: Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, cancer, depression, multiple sclerosis, nausea, pain, etc. Some of the symptoms of these diseases can not only be reduced but also cured. Medical cannabis seeds are a good option to seed your own cannabis plant and to have all the benefits it gives you to your health, not only physical but also psychological. You can check out

The same way we prepare ourselves some chamomile tea when we have a stomach ache, there’s nothing like preparing your own cannabis infusions if you feel some symptoms, and you want to feel better. But be careful because cannabis can not be prepared the same way chamomile or cinnamon tea because its components are not soluble in water. You will need something with lipids. Here we give you five different ways to prepare your own infusion.

Not only medicinal but also delicious

Milk with Chocolate: you will need 250ml of fat milk, cannabis, a spoon of coconut oil, and chocolate powder. Heat the milk, cannabis (previously ground), and the coconut oil. Wait until it boils. It’s in this step when cannabis releases all its medicinal properties. Once boiled, strain it and add the chocolate powder to your liking.

Cannabis tea: you will need 250ml of water, cannabis, a spoon of butter (so the cannabis can release the components that will help you), and a spoon of honey. Boil the water and in another recipient mix the cannabis (previously ground) with the spoon of butter and five spoons of boiling water, mix it until the butter melts, continue adding boiling water if you notice the butter is hardening. After 2 minutes of this procedure, strain your mix and pass the rest of the water through the strainer in order to get all the butter out of the mix. You can squeeze it to better results. Add the honey to your mix, and enjoy it while still hot.

Microwaved milk: you will need milk (the quantity you use to consume) and cannabis (always previously ground). Mix the ingredients and heat it for one minute. Strain the mix and add sugar if you want to.

Stimulating and relaxing tea: you will need a strong tea (the one you prefer) 250ml of water, a spoon of butter, and some relaxing cannabis. Do the procedures in number two, but this time instead of just water, you will need your boiling tea.

Relaxing tea: The procedure of making an infusion is almost the same, but according to your expectations, you need to change your ingredients. If what you need is to relax, you will need soft tea and stimulating cannabis.

All of these infusions (except the ones with milk) can last until two days in the refrigerator. You just need to heat your infusion again and enjoy it.

To prepare your own infusion, there’s nothing better than your own pot.

Keep in mind these tips when growing cannabis.

This plant needs a lot of light, and if you grow it outdoors that’s not a problem, but if you want it to bloom indoors, you need to shorten the hours of light periodically from 18 hrs. of light and 6 of darkness to 12 hrs. of light and 12 hrs. of darkness.
Don’t plant them directly on a pot. Place them in a container with one wet paper towel under the seeds and another one above them, as stated by Premium Cultivars. You can pass them to a pot after it shows her roots. Change the papers, so it doesn’t spoil.
Have in mind several changes in pots. As your plant gets bigger, the more space it will need, so if you planted it in a small pot, you would probably need to change it every month. In the beginning, perhaps you will need a 3L pot but later perhaps a 30L one. There are plants that will need at least three changes. Cannabis can look small in the very beginning, but if you take good care of your plant and really get a great number of leaves for your infusion.
Fertilize your plants. Like any other plant, cannabis needs a lot of nutrients, especially when it’s about to bloom. A fertilizer rich in potassium and phosphorus will help your plant in this stage. Don’t add the fertilizer at any other stage, and if you do it too early (when you have just changed it to a pot), it won’t work because your plant does not need it yet. But if you wait until your plant is already blooming, it will be late, and perhaps your blooming will stop or not get to the final stage.
Wait until the best. After blooming, it’s better if you wait for about fifteen days so that you can cultivate your plant.

As in any other plant, Cannabis needs lots of love and patience. No matter if you are growing it indoors or outdoors in a natural way.

And of course, there are many more things you can do with cannabis seeds, not only infusions. Why don’t you check out all the other items there are on sale? Some of these things can be given as a gift, for example, to your best friends and why not? A present for yourself. They are not only original but unique. Have you ever given or received a present of this kind? Well. There is always a first time.

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