How To Vape CBD Oil: A Full Guide To CBD Vape Oil

February 12, 2020

Vaping is ubiquitous in countries and states where CBD is legal for medicinal or recreational purposes or both. That is because most people find the method fulfilling since they get to enjoy different flavors.

With a quality and safe vaporizer, you also get to have an excellent vaping experience. Despite its prevalence, some people still don’t know how to vape CBD oil due to different reasons. If you are one of them, worry not; everyone has to start from somewhere.

Consider yourself lucky because this piece is going to offer you a full guide on how to vape CBD oil. All you have to do is grasp whatever you are going to learn and apply it when vaping but first:

What is CBD Vape Oil?

CBD vape oil is one of the many extracts of marijuana. The compound is dominant in hemp plants, and it contains less than 0.3% THC, which is the psychoactive substance found in cannabis. 

That is the main reason why CBD vape oil doesn’t have a high effect as compared to other cannabis products. The vape oils contain distinct flavors, most of which are fruity and natural. There are also various chocolate flavors. 

One can procure high-quality CBD Oil Canada from reputed online sources that offer fast doorstep delivery. 

How does the vaporizer work?

Most people tend to ask the question, how do vaporizers work? The answer can be both easy and challenging, depending on your interaction with the piece of equipment. 

What a vaporizer does is that it uses heat to raise the temperature of the CBD vape oil to a certain mark. The heat turns the CBD vape oil to vapor, and that is how you end up with vapor to inhale. 

This method of CBD consumption is often kinder and less destructive to the lungs. That is why its use continues to spread from one continent to another.

Advantages of vaping CBD oil

There are many advantages of vaping CBD oil. Some of the most significant ones include:

  • The method is friendly and less harsh to the lungs compared to smoking
  • It acts fast than other forms of CBD consumption
  • Its bioavailability percentage is much more than that of edibles
  • The toxicity of the method is minimum
  • It is easy to keep up with your dose in case you are using it for medicinal purposes

Those are so far some of the main advantages of using vaping as a method of administering CBD oil into your system. 

You should, however, keep in mind that the experience is only as good as the CBD vape oil you are using. CBDfx is known for reliability, and that is why most people tend to buy CBD vape oil from here.

How to vape CBD oil

You now have the basic knowledge of what CBD vape oil is and why most people prefer vaping as the consumption method.

You can thus go ahead and have a look at the step by step procedure of how to vape CBD oil. Each step is crucial in ensuring you get the best vaping experience and so make sure you don’t skip any thinking that it is irrelevant not unless stated otherwise.

Step 1: Switch on the vaporizer

There are various ways to switch on the vaporizer. The most common way is to press the button rapidly until you see a flashing light coming at the bottom of the vaporizer. You should then go ahead and activate the battery. You can also confirm from the manual since different brands use different techniques.

Step 2: Send power to the cartridge

Some vaporizers will require you to hold down the button to distribute power to the cartridge of your vaporizers. The power is what is going to vaporize your CBD vape oil and produce the vapor for you to inhale.

Step 3: Inhale the vapor via the mouthpiece

The next step is to cover the mouthpiece of your vaporizer with your lips gently. Gently draw the vapor until your lungs are full.

Some vaporizers may require you to hold down a button before inhaling. You should thus confirm if that is the case with your vaporizer.

The inhalation process should be slow to avoid choking. It is also not mandatory to fill your lungs.

Step 4: Hold the vapor in your lungs

The fourth step of how to vape CBD oil is to keep the vapor in your lungs for only a few seconds. Prolonging this part can make the vapor to choke you, and once that happens, you will find yourself coughing.

So only do it for a few seconds. Doing so allows the vapor to enter your system, and within a short time, you will start to feel some changes like having a clear and relaxed mind.

Step 5: Exhale gently

Exhalation varies from one person to another. Some people have techniques to make the vapor come out in a usual way while others exhale sideways.

That is by letting out the steam on the side of their mouths. Being your first time, exhale normally and gently. Let the vapor escape as it leaves behind an incredible flavor that is going to linger.

It is one of the main reasons why most people tend to go for vaping compared to smoking. Repeat the process.


That is how you vape CBD vape oil like a professional. With time you will find the steps to be quite easy and manageable.

For pure flavor, make sure you go for quality CBD vaping equipment. That is going to see you avoid dangers such as heating of the equipment, among others.

Final Words

That is everything you need to know about Vaping CBD oil. The process is not only easy but also one of the most preferred.

It tends to offer you a less toxic and comfortable way to consume CBD vape oil and enjoy its numerous benefits.

Due to the difference in vaporizers, you must remember to confirm from the manual so that you are sure whether you need to activate and deactivate the battery or not. The above process is otherwise enough to let you know how to proceed.

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