How to Create a Winning Social Media Campaign

June 21, 2020


We live in a world where winning is the only goal most people have, some try to win at sports, some try to win at business, some try to win at love, everybody in the world is trying to win something. Unfortunately, I am also one of those people, the only thing that I am addicted to winning are online contests, more specifically online voting contests and campaigns.

This addiction has led me to uncover some of the most brilliant tips and tricks that increase my chances of winning a contest or campaign. Despite my addiction, some part of my soul also wants other people to win at contests as well.
So once I am listing to my soul and sharing with you my tips and tricks that help me improve my odds in winning contests and campaigns, so before I change my mind, let’s get started.

1. Chose Smaller Contest

One thing that I have learned over the years is that contests and campaigns are a complete game of luck, so to provide yourself with better luck, you have to get rid of the competitions that are going to be in the way of your winnings.
One way of improving your luck without much effort is to choose the contest and campaigns that are smaller and will not get a high amount of competitors. If you do the math, in any contest the formula for calculating your chances is going to be your vote divided by the total number of votes multiplied by 100.
This will calculate your chances of winning in percentage if the total number of votes decrease than your chances of winning will increase, so always pick smaller contest and campaigns.

2. Use Social Media

Once you have selected a contest, you are going to get on all of your social media accounts and ask for their help to win your chosen contest.
You can use any number of social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, snap chat, or any other social media site you use. If you can, try to ask for their help on all social media websites, publish it again and again into every group that you are a part of, and hope that people like you enough to help you out during your contest and need.

3. Buy Votes

After you have asked all your social media contacts and still not on the top list, then it might be time for you to consider buying votes to get a boost in your contest. This might not be the most efficient way of getting your votes, but I have to admit even I have bought votes for myself.
The company I use is the and they have been providing me with votes for as long as I can remember.
Buying votes is going to get you the boost that you need to gain a lead in any competition. You can use anywhere from 100 to as many as you want to gain a lead in the competition.

4. Choose a Contest That Has a Lot of Steps

Many people don’t apply to a contest simply because there are too many steps to go through. Use these steps to your advantage and deliberately apply for the contest that has a lot of steps. The general rule is that for every step that is increased in the contest the lesser the number of competitors is going to apply.
Always apply for a contest in which there are multiple steps to follow, this will reduce the number of people entering the competition and you will have better chances of success.

5. Be a Winner in Their Eyes

In my experience, I have seen that there are only a handful of people and companies are still holding a proper and fair contest, the rest of the companies choose the winner based on the social media profiles of the contestants. To improve the chances of getting picked, try to add contest relevant posts on your social media, by doing that you are going to look like a better candidate to market their product and hopefully chose you as a winner.
This is not the best tip, but it has still worked for me in the past that’s why I have included it in this article.

6. Apply Multiple Times

Another thing you can do to improve your chances of winning is by simply applying more than once using different email addresses. Having more entries is going to give you a better chance of winning the contest.
If there are contests that only allow one entry per candidate, you can change your name and apply again using a different email address and maybe a different internet connection as well.
I typically apply at a contest for about 5 times, using different names and email addresses, and sometimes I like to use a VPN so that my entry comes from different countries.

7. Ask Your Connections

One thing that you can do to improve your chances in any voting contest is to ask all your connections to vote for you, this is much like an election where the politicians urge people to vote for them. There are multiple ways to ask your connections for voting. You can use social media, you can ask your close personal friends and family to vote for you.

I have won many contests just by asking my friends and family to vote for me, this is mainly because I have a big social network, but even if you don’t have a big social circle like me, every vote counts, that’s why always ask your connections to always vote for you.

8. Repetition Is the Key

The final tip that I have for you is that even if you perform all the above tips and tricks on the contest, there is still a chance that you might not win. Don’t give up when you lose, instead brace the loss and use that as a motivation for your next contest where you can try even harder to win.

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