9 Ways On How To Look Good On Your Wedding Day

September 11, 2023

Are you excited about your nearing wedding day? It may just be a few months or days away, but you might have not yet prepared for the most important aspect of this special day– yourself.

If you want to look good on your wedding day, you have to start investing in yourself. That means that you’ll have to take care of your health and take extra caution to give you that fresh look.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Some visits to your dermatologist or orthodontist could also help you look great on your wedding day!

1. Stay hydrated at all times


Water does wonders; it aids in detoxification, acne prevention and healing, and breakout healing. It has a great impact on your skin and will keep you naturally glowing all throughout the day. You wouldn’t want to have chronic dehydration, which is very obvious on the face.

If you want to have healthy, radiant skin, start consuming enough water now! We suggest that you drink a gallon of water per day to have beautiful skin during your very special day.

2. Get orthodontic treatment

During your wedding day, there will surely be many cameras that will be capturing this milestone! And, you’d want to have that perfect smile on your special day. If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, you can consider getting orthodontic treatment before your wedding day.

Kumra Orthodontics in Washington DC offers Invisalign treatment that’s perfect for you. Invisalign is completely invisible to the naked eye. This is an option if you’re looking into having straight teeth for your wedding day without showing your guests that you’re on braces.

3. Don’t expose yourself to too much sun


Don’t expose yourself to sunlight months or a few days before your wedding. That’s because this can hasten your skin’s aging process– with spots and wrinkles. It gives you tan lines as well. Also, if you get a short-term sunburn, your skin would end up being dry and may be peeling.

Don’t let one sunburn ruin your overall look! So, always wear your sunblock every time you leave your house! You may also want to postpone that beach trip to a later day to avoid having sun-related imperfections on your wedding day.

4. Don’t miss out on your skincare routine

Makeup doesn’t cover everything. To make it more effective, you have to have good skincare. If you aren’t adhering to your skincare routine regularly, start doing so now. No skincare routine? Regularly washing your face when you wake up and before you sleep is already considered one. And this simple everyday task can actually make a huge difference to your face!

5. Watch your diet


Food plays a big role when it comes to skin-related issues. We suggest that you start consuming a healthy diet consisting of foods with not many allergens. These include avoiding chicken and dairy products, like eggs and cow’s milk. You don’t want to suffer from a lot of acne breakouts on your very special day, right?

6. Have some hair treatments

Your hair is one of the first things that your guests will be seeing on the day of your wedding– aside from your wedding gown! Do your research and prepare ahead on what kind of hairstyle you’ll be having. Have haircuts and salon treatments beforehand (or a hair extension if time is limited) to make that dream wedding hairstyle a reality!

7. Exercise regularly


Like every bride wants, you may want to be in your best shape during your wedding day. If possible, work out for at least six months before your big day. Do some cardio exercises for 30 minutes twice or thrice a week.

8. Get those facials

Facials aren’t just therapeutic experiences. They can also keep your skin looking youthful and healthy! They make your skin soft and smooth to the touch. But, don’t get your facial a week before your wedding day!

Get your facial two to three months before your wedding. That’s because your makeup might end up sliding off if you get it a week before.

9. Have some eyelash extensions


Mascara isn’t for everyone. Sometimes, it could get into your face or scatter areas you don’t even want your mascara to be in. If this is the case, you might want to get some lash extensions. These are very comfortable to wear and give you beautiful lashes all day– ideal for your nearing honeymoon!

Get these eyelash extensions 1 to 2 months before your wedding day. This serves as a trial for you if extensions are for you, and for you to get used to the glue.

Invest In Yourself

While you prepare for your wedding day, the first thing that may come to mind is the external factor– venue, the reception, the decorations, etc. But one important thing that you should never forget to prepare is yourself. Since it’s your very special day, you’d want to be in your best condition. And what’s better than investing in yourself?

With all of these health tips on how to look good on your wedding day, you’ll surely be able to be the best version of yourself on that day!

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