Things You Need To Add In Your Skincare Routine

February 1, 2021

Do you want to look effortlessly beautiful in your skin, even without makeup? Then, my friend, a good skincare routine is the mantra you need to follow. Taking good care of your skin will bring a glow on your face from within. Including a few components, such as peptides, will help you enhance the effect of your skincare processes. You can buy the same via lotilabs which is one of the most trusted websites for peptides. It will penetrate the skin to provide you with benefits like reducing wrinkles’ appearance or slowing down the aging process.

Peptides also help in preventing breakouts and inflammation.

However, only applying things will not help in bringing the results you are expecting. You have to follow a sequence and time to use products. In the sections below, we will discuss how important these two factors are in skincare. And we will also list the things that are a must-have for your routine.

Let us browse through them for your better understanding.

How Important Is Sequence In Your Skincare Routine?

As there is a particular sequence for having food, you should also apply skin products in a specific order. Doing so will help them in impacting your skin to their maximum potential. Consequently, you get a healthy and glowing face that can slay any event without any makeup.

Dermatologists suggest that only the right order of products will help the ingredients penetrate your skin without having any side-effects. Also, not following the order may lead to the products or processes’ failure to show any effect at all. So, following the right sequence of formulating products in your skincare regime is of utmost importance.

Simultaneously, specific products are best when applied during your daytime regime and a few others you should use at night before you sleep. However, not following the ideal time for a specific process can lead to side-effects or make it entirely ineffective.

How Can Time Impact The Effectiveness Of Products In Your Skincare regime?

The sequence and the time the different product needs to get absorbed into the skin also matter. It is best to wait for some time, between 1 to 5 minutes, before applying a second product after the first. Doing so will allow the various formulations to penetrate the skin and manifest their effects. Various types of skin have different requirements, and their products vary along with it. It will be helpful to give your products the time according to your skin type.

Now, let us move forward to the things that you need to add to your daily skincare regime.

Applying Sunscreen Everyday

Sun rays can do a lot of damage, sometimes more than you can imagine. Applying it regularly before going out can prevent your skin from tanning, rashes, redness, and burns. Consequently, you get a complexion that is even-toned and glowing. For better results, adding a light SPF in your morning skincare regime can work wonders for your skin.

Including Retinols In Your Night Skincare Regime

When you purchase skin products containing retinol, it will be better to include them in your night care routine. Using such formulations during the day can cause side-effects like redness, making you more prone to sunburns. Applying at night will provide them the night and environment to deeply penetrate your skin.

Applying Moisturizer Instantly After A Bath

Dermatologists have suggested that the ideal time to apply moisturizers is when your skin is damp than on skin that is dry. Doing so helps your skin to absorb the ingredients better. So, it will be beneficial to moisturize your skin immediately after you come out of the shower.

Using Peptides-Rich Moisturizers Or Serum

Going for products that contain peptides or various forms of it will help you reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and it will also slow down the aging process. Consequently, there will be a long-lasting glow on your face, and that too, without any makeup. Collagen peptides are known to maintain overall good skin health.

Exfoliate At Least Once A Week

Your skin has a lot of dead skin cell deposits, and removing them is essential to have a glowing complexion. It is vital that you include an exfoliator in your skincare regime to remove the formation of dry patches and bring your real skin underneath it. If exfoliation is not a part of your routine yet, it is high time you include some.

Picking An Eye Cream

You might not realize it as necessary, but applying eye cream is a must-include for your skincare regime. The best to use it is during the night and after your night cream or moisturizer. The formulation gets enough time to get absorbed into your skin and deliver excellent results. Doing so will keep you looking younger for a long time.

Change In Season, Modification In Skincare

As seasons change, your skincare should, too. Using the same products all year round is not beneficial for your skin. It will be wise to select formulations, processes, and products according to the conditions of the environment. For instance, the winter season is usually dry, so you should use products to prevent your skin from such conditions.

Getting Rid Of Makeup Before Applying Cleanser

Before you get your hands on a cleanser, it will help to remove the makeup first. Doing so will aid your cleaner in cleaning up dead skin cells much more effectively and efficiently. A cleanser can then clean all the dirt left, even after removing the makeup. Using a good makeup remover prior to applying your cleanser is an excellent way to get started.

Therefore, you might have realized by now that taking care of your skin is equally important as feeding yourself. It will help in bringing a radiant look in your appearance and that too long-lasting. Following a well-balanced skincare regime will turn all the heads towards you anywhere you go. Doing so will also reduce fine lines, wrinkles and slow down the aging process. Having healthy skin from within is the best feeling one can ever experience.

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