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7 Best Jawline Treatments

July 31, 2020

Aging is an undesirable natural process that we all have fear of, and with a good reason. Our bodies start to change for worse showing off excess fat and loose skin everywhere we look. One of the first signs of aging will expose itself to one of the most visible spots – jawline. Accumulated fat and drooping skin, along with vertical wrinkles, can make you look many years older than you actually are. Thus, many women, and in recent times men too, took some action to help either prevent or reduce the look of a double chin. Sometimes you can’t avoid this since those conditions could be hereditary, but more times than often it’s the result of a stressful everyday life. In some cases, only surgery can help but before considering going under the knife, some procedures can visibly better the look of your jawline and the whole face in general.

1. Sculptra

No one likes to see “turkey neck” and double chin when they look in the mirror. Unfortunately, many people do, and it can be due to many reasons from genetics to weight loss. Collagen loss comes with age as our bodies reduce its natural production causing our skin to dry out, wrinkle, and eventually sag.  Sculptra is a filler that works a bit differently than others. Essentially, it’s a poly-L-lactic acid that is naturally found in our bodies but slowly goes away with age. One slight prick in the base of your jawline will stimulate body response in producing more collagen. This will lift your skin and tighten your cheeks making skin look radiant and fresh. The results will be visible for about two years, which will depend on your age and the condition of your skin. Find out more about the jawline treatment effects of skin fillers.

2. CoolMini


Excess fat underneath your chin can be very stubborn. Just eating right and exercising is not going to reduce or eliminate the fat on your face and neck. For this, the CoolMini procedure can help. A small applicator is placed under your chin that will safely freeze fat cells. Over a few weeks, your body will naturally start to eliminate the fat, leaving you with the perfect jawline that will enhance your profile. The only downside for some people could be that the treatment has a delayed effect. It will take three to four months to see the full benefits. It’s not an instant solution, but it’s the one that will last you for years, so it’s definitely worth being patient and let your body slowly throw off fat cells.

3. Kybella

Kybella is a fast, almost instant solution for sagging jawlines. It takes three to four injections of deoxycholic acid beneath your chin. The acid is naturally produced by our bodies, but, again, over time its production slows down leaving us with excess skin and fat accumulating around face and neck. When injected, synthetic deoxycholic acid starts to “burn” fat cells almost immediately. Results are visible after a couple of days. However, it takes a few treatments to achieve full results, usually between five and six sessions. Regular maintenance is crucial for this treatment since the results are not so long-lasting like with other remedies.

4. ThermiTight

This is one of the least invasive treatments available. Before starting you will need a little anesthetic applied to numb the area around your chin. Then the small applicator will be inserted that will heat up the fat melting it away from your neck. Radiofrequency energy will do the magic of burning the fat instantly. This will trigger your body to start producing more collagen, which will result in added volume to your skin leaving it to feel and look radiant. The results are seen after about a month after the procedure, with full effects after a few months. However, the long-lasting benefits make up for the wait, and it will be well worth it once you see your new jawline skin.

5. Threads

Thread lifts might make your hair stand on the back of your neck but it’s a really painful procedure. Small, super thin threads are inserted from your chin to the sides of your face. Needles are dull ended, so no need to worry about pricking sensation. Before the treatment, your provider will numb your skin just in case. The threads are pulled and the leftovers are cut. After some time the collagen will start to form around threads giving you youthful-looking skin. In six months the treads will dissolve, but the results will stay for two, maybe even three years depending on the previous condition of your skin and age.

6. Liposuction

This is an invasive procedure that should be considered as one of the last resorts. Several incisions are made under your chin and behind your ears. Then, the surgeon will suck out all the excess fat. Needless to say, the results are instant and lifelong. Recovery time varies, but it usually takes around a couple of weeks. It’s important to say that liposuction will not get rid of any sagging excess skin off of your neck and jawline. This is why this procedure is recommended to younger people who still don’t have problems with skin, but rather only with the fatty chin.

7. Neck lift

Neck lift surgery is the most invasive treatment available. Sometimes it’s performed after the liposuction, like one procedure. Local anesthesia is administered usually through IV. Your surgeon will make small incisions under your chin and behind both ears tightening the skin and removing the old sagging excess. If liposuction is needed, it’s performed before the skin removal, so that all loose skin is seen. Recovery takes a couple of weeks leaving you with long-lasting results. Scars are not visible, but they are permanent.

The general advice of doctors and cosmetic procedure providers is to start slowly. No need to undertake invasive procedures right away without trying with some mild treatments first. Of course, sagging skin, double chins, turkey necks, and overall sagging of your face is annoying and it can immensely affect your self-esteem. However, do your research before embarking on any procedure that might leave you with a permanent change of your appearance.

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