6 Most Common Myths About CBD Hemp Flowers

July 31, 2020

The famous Marijuana plant is slowly becoming a not-so taboo subject in many countries across the world. Nowadays we have many campaigns and even some scientific evidence which suggests that Cannabis should be legalized in countries from across the entire world due to the numerous health benefits that it can offer. For this to happen, people need to take their time and get informed about CBD by taking a look at some of the latest studies.

Currently, some people are very informed about cannabidiol and all the possible health benefits of consuming it, and most of them are engaged in awareness-raising movements and campaigns. They are also referred to as Cannabis Activists, and their number seems to increase as time goes by. And, there’s a group of people who believe in all the popular myths about CBD that cruise around quite often.


As we all know already, myths are not something that’s scientifically backed up, so today we would like to point out some of the most common ones about CBD Hemp Flowers. If you’re interested in learning some more while debunking these myths together with us, this is the right place to be at.

  1. “They reduce your cognitive abilities”

A lot of people believe in the myth that consuming CBD products on the regular will make you less cognitive, but that’s simply not true. Throughout our history, a lot of brilliant people used Marijuana on the regular because they needed a way of relieving all of that pressure that was on their shoulders. These people were inventors, artists, and engineers. Nowadays, we have people like Elon Musk who openly talks about his cannabis consumption and how it helps him focus more on his tasks.

Also, since we’re talking about CBD-only here, this eliminates the THC part, which is where this myth comes from. However, people don’t know the difference between these two ingredients, but they’re quite different.

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  1. “Consuming them can be very addictive”

Those who never tried consuming Cannabis think that once you try it you’ll immediately start feeling the “cravings” to consume some more. This is probably the silliest myth that we know of, and it’s not even worth it to start mentioning all of the studies that confirmed this is false. For those of you who want to fix your insomnia, loss of appetite, or anxiety with CBD, we would like to ensure you that consuming CBD won’t make you feel any type of addiction.

  1. “They lower your appetite”

Another myth that states exactly the opposite of what science has confirmed is that the consumption of a CBD Hemp Flower will lower your appetite. We can debunk this right off the bat with the fact that many doctors recommend CBD therapy for those who are underweight and need an increased appetite so that they can consume more food to reach their healthy weight limit once again. Numerous people have confirmed that even after consuming non-therapy related, recreational marijuana products they have an increased appetite, so that’s exactly the opposite of what this myth has to say.

  1. “Consumption can cause anxiety”

Out of all-natural remedies, the one which uses CBD is what’s going to have the most impact over your anxiety, but positively. Doctors around the world recommend the consumption of such products to all those who are feeling like they’re under a lot of stress, or have the symptoms of more serious cases of anxiety. Now there have been some studies that show that THC-infused products can cause anxiety by themselves when overconsumed, but that’s not related to CBD in any way.

  1. “It slows down your muscle recovery”


This is false and if you are even slightly into sports, you probably know that a lot of elite-level athletes use CBD to speed up their recovery process after a very energy-draining match or multiple training sessions per day. Besides, this ingredient serves as a pain-reliever, so it can help quite a lot with injuries and other sorts of pain that a person nowadays can experience. We don’t know where this myth is coming from but it’s a popular one. Even some of the most popular strongmen athletes are open about their consumption of Cannabidiol, and we all know that they are the ones who need the most recovery from their rigorous training sessions and competitions.

  1. “You’ll develop tolerance by consuming them”

Last but not least, the final myth that a lot of people believe in is that by consuming Cannabidiol products you’ll eventually develop a tolerance and they’ll no longer “work” anymore, so you’ll have to move on more powerful medicine. False once again, and this is backed up by studies and a lot of scientific research. As we mentioned already, Cannabidiol products are heavily used as natural medicine and therefore there has been a lot of researches done to make sure that they can be safely used by people of all age groups without any side-effects.


If you live in a country where CBD products are still not legalized, then you’ve probably heard about some of the myths that we’ve listed above. When you’re not well-informed about something, it’s very easy to believe in things that other people say. Thankfully, we live in an era of information, so it doesn’t take more than just a few clicks to know the truth about something.

All of the myths that we’ve mentioned above are debunked by science and with enough research, you can find all the sources to the studies. We hope that one day people will realize that CBD can be a powerful natural remedy if used correctly.

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