How to Soften the Signs of Aging without Surgery

September 22, 2021

Aging is a process that you can completely stop. More precisely, something like that should not be your goal at all. However, something that every individual can do is to somehow soften the signs of aging. Of course, the first thing people would do is go to the surgery. But, is that the only way to solve this problem? Believe it or not, the answer to that question is “no”.

The aging process starts immediately after the teenage period. Logically, the first signs of aging are going to be visible on our faces. However, the skin on other parts of the body will also start to lose its quality. 

But, Why Would Someone Try to Soften the Signs of Aging?

“Why would I do something like that?” is probably the question that you have. Well, the first reason is the improvement of self-esteem and self-confidence. Some people simply become demotivated when they see themselves in the mirror. On the other hand, soft skin won’t only make you feel younger, but you will certainly feel that way as well. 

Despite that, some people simply have some career and business reasons. For example, singers and actors will try to look as young as they can in front of a worldwide audience. The same rule counts for models and other similar professions. 

However, it seems that the first reason is much more common. People simply want to feel nice and improve their self-confidence when the aging process starts. That is the reason why we want to highlight all the methods to soften the signs of aging without surgery. There is a big chance you will like the options that you have!

You Can Use Dermal Fillers

As mentioned, our skin changes from an early age. Over time, it loses hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elasticity. That is the reason why you start struggling with many wrinkles around your mouth, cheeks, jawline, and eyes. Fortunately, dermal fillers can help you a lot!

Keep in mind this is not a permanent solution as you will need to repeat it from time to time. However, it will temporarily remove all the wrinkles and soften all the facial creases. 

Something even more important is that they ensure a natural look. It is not a secret that people can easily determine who had surgery or not, right? Well, something like that won’t be a problem for you as you will look completely natural. 

Collagen Stimulators: Why Not?

As mentioned, collagen is one of the extremely important factors that influence the quality of your skin. When your teenage period ends, the skin starts to produce less collagen.

How quickly everything will happen directly depends on your lifestyle. For instance, the main factors are stress, sun damage, sleeping habits, food that you eat, etc. As you see, these are not factors that we can simply kick out from our life. That is the reason why collagen stimulators are an amazing thing. 

For starters, the results won’t come immediately. As the name suggests, collagen stimulators stimulate our skin to boost the production of collagen. You may need to wait for a year or two to reach your goal, but when that period ends, you will once again look young! Are these results worth patience? 

You Can Use Neurotoxin Treatment

Let’s say that neurotoxins are experiencing massive popularity growth. Only 2 years ago, it was announced that neurotoxin skin treatment is the most popular one among people. This especially counts when we talk about residents of the United States of America. 

Anyway, the reason why people are using this procedure is pretty simple to understand. It allows everyone to smooth all the wrinkles that make us unsatisfied located around the frown lines and eyes. 

The good news for all the people is that FDA approved the neurotoxin injection. However, something you need to know is that, just like dermal fillers, this is not a permanent solution. The last will remain the same for around 3 months. After that period, you will once again need to visit the specialist. 

It is good to mention the most popular neurotoxins in the world. Some of them are Botox Cosmetic, Xeomin, Jeuveau, and others. Botox, for instance, is actually a pure protein extracted from the botulinum toxin. You have probably heard about it (it is the number one neurotoxin treatment in the world!).


In the short term, microneedling is nothing more than a collagen-inducing treatment. The purpose of this anti-aging method is to reduce acne scars as well as improve the quality of skin texture. Also, something the patients can expect is the improvement of line pores and reduction of sun damage. 

Understanding the entire process may be a bit challenging, but we will try to simplify it. First of all, the main “tool” that experts use is radiofrequency energy or RF. The doctor will try to transmit it through the needles and reach the deepest tissues that way. The treatment is especially effective for neck, chest, and facial skin treatments. It supports collagen production which will, over time, make your skin look young once again. 

Stem Cell Facelift

If you are looking for a treatment that will bring a wide range of regenerative benefits to your skin, then stem cell therapy can be the right choice. The good news is that there is no surgery involved in the entire process. Isn’t that something you are looking for?

Anyway, the task of the stem cells is to reach all the inflammation sites on our skin. When that goal is achieved, the inflammation starts to reduce. Despite that, the cells have the ability to lay down the new cellular framework. Your skin will automatically look younger because of that. The results often last up to three years, but they may last even longer. However, when you know that knives and scalpels are not involved, you probably won’t hesitate to repeat the procedure after that period. 

Final Thought

The question you probably have now is “which of these treatments is the best one?” Experts from said that not everyone’s skin is the same and that people often do not have the same type of problem. That is the reason why you should visit the professionals like those and explain to them what type of problem you have and allow them to analyze your skin condition. It is the only way to get answers! 

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