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How Far in Advance Should You Organize Your Move from California to New York?

November 2, 2021

No matter what the circumstances in which you move are, it is important that you have a plan to follow. Moving doesn’t always have to be difficult, so if you want to better organize your move from California to New York, come up with a good strategy and give yourself plenty of time to organize everything. It can really involve high costs, challenges and stressful situations.

So use all the advice you can get wisely, but also look for answers to some frequently asked questions. This will make it much easier for you to plan each step of the process. You will also avoid many risks and beginners mistakes. The first thing you need to know is how much advance you need to plan your move.


So you know what the distance is and that is exactly the first factor you need to consider. That is the key to a successful move, because it is the basis on which you will plan all the other elements of the move. Of course, the further you go the more careful relocation planning is needed and vice versa. Planning a move can be complicated if you don’t schedule a few months in advance or before the relocation date.

What you need to consider is the paperwork to solve, the logistics to coordinate, as well as other tasks that you have to perform. Moving from coast to coast certainly is not the easiest one and you will face challenges but still, everything can go smooth if you work with professional company that is specialized in coast to coast moves. Cross country movers is one such company and that is what you should look for.

The size of the move


This is another factor to consider. Even though you know your route, you need to be equally aware of the amount of things you plan to carry. For example, if you have a lot of things, you will need more time to prepare everything. This means that your plans will have to start much earlier. There are also situations in which people live alone or with just one other person, we are sure that such relocations are somewhat less. In that case, you will have less things to carry and you will not need as much time to pack and organize as you would with your family.

If you start planning the process a few weeks in advance, you won’t go wrong. However, this only applies to those who do not plan to hire moving companies or vans. Then you will want to book your date as early as possible, because serious companies have a lot of work and you run out of time. We must not forget the type of items you plan to transport. They can make the whole job even more complex than it already is. For example, moving special items may require additional relocation services, as there will be certain barriers. Obstacles relate to the location of collection or delivery, etc.

Period of the year

We must mention the importance of the season you have chosen to move. For example, you may be moving during the peak season, our advice is to start with plans as early as possible. This would mean that you should start planning the move a few months in advance, as services of cross country movers between May and September can be in high demand.

Relocation planning a year in advance

If you start relocating plans a year earlier, it is important to do two key things. First of all, be sure that financially you can bring everything out and use this period to gather as much information as possible. Since costs can increase over time, it is important to know all of your options as well as limitations. When it comes to this time period, you can slowly think about all the costs such as rent or mortgage, utilities, truck rental, packaging materials, travel, living expenses for the first few months, contingencies, etc. This way you will have enough time to find all the services you need, but also to plan your savings. Only then will you be financially comfortable during the move. Our advice is to set aside a small amount of money during each salary and when the time comes to move, you will be completely ready.

Half a year


If you start planning six months in advance, you should already know the place where you will live as well as all the characteristics of its environment. Only in this way can you plan a successful move. The problem is if you are not familiar enough with your future environment. To get to know New York better, find out about all the potential costs that await you. Next, plan how you will manage them after relocation. For example, look at the job market as well as your career opportunities. If you are out of work, research some business positions, etc. It is important to gather all the important information about your settlement as well. When it comes to housing options, try to save yourself the hassle by deciding on your belongings that you plan to take with you. You need to know their type, size, and appearance.

Two months before moving

Some people plan a little later, such as two months before moving in. Then you don’t have time for big financial plans and things like that. All you can plan for in that period is arranging your new home as well as arranging your things. For example, decide on everything you will take with you, as well as items that you will throw away, share, etc. Of course, the fewer items you bring, the cheaper and easier it will be. Our advice is to opt for items that are practical and have monetary or sentimental value. It would be best to opt for professional relocation services offered by reliable and affordable companies.


One thing should be completely clear. The earlier you start with plans and organization, the more things you will be able to achieve with less stress. This applies to your finances and future home above.

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