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Best Way to Play SunQuest Slot

February 4, 2021

If you are looking for a fun game with a high payout and a chance to hit a jackpot, SunQuest slot by Microgaming perfectly suits your needs. This is a non-progressive online slot that combines new and old features. It was released in November 1999, but this simple video slot is still on top of many online casino charts. SunQuest game has a classic fruity theme but contemporary design and layout of 5 reels with 9 pay lines.

The simplicity of the slot appeals especially to beginners. However, the features aren’t really simple. By playing SunQuest slot, players can win a maximum jackpot with a prize pool of 10,000 coins. The other cash prizes are boosted by scatters and wilds which make players yearn for another spin.

To get started with SunQuest, you need as low as $0.25 for every spin. Once you deposit and launch the slot, use our tips given below to have the highest payout possible. You can enjoy the slot at any Microgaming online casino. Click here to visit to find the full review of SunQuest slot and list of the best online casino sites in Canada.

How to Win in SunQuest

SunQuest is a video slot machine, which is quite similar to other typical online slots. The best part here is that any betting strategy will fit well. If you are familiar with the slots and how they actually pay, then you’ve already come up with some patterns of gameplay.

Here we share with you the best way to play and win the SunQuest slot and its fixed jackpot. So, the most profitable way would be combining the following tips and use them as a single playing strategy. These tips are simple, but remember that the best things come with simplicity. Maybe you already use some of these tips, but if not — welcome to our list of six essential winning slot tips.

Play Higher Denominations

The higher denominations of coins and lines increase your chances of hitting a win, a combo, or even a bonus game. In SunQuest, you can select the number of pay lines from 1 to 9. So, it’s reasonable to play with all the possible lines, then with one or two of them. Consequently, as you increase the number of lines, your coin value is increased as well.

The percentages of payback relate to the bet denomination. So, the higher denomination you select, the higher payback you can receive. Hence, you can have a much better winning chance in the SunQuest slot.

Bet the Maximum

This tip also refers to the higher winning chances. SunQuest slot contains a jackpot and in-game bonuses that can be activated only if you bet on all the available lines.

In most jackpot games, you can’t even be eligible for the jackpot prize if you make the minimum stakes. So, to hit the prize, first hit the max bet button. Or at least place higher bets than the minimum.

Test Before You Play

If you’ve never played SunQuest before, we advise you to test it first. Although we recommend this game to players, they are up to choose whether to play it. That’s why you should first try this game out in a free mode. Play SunQuest free version to see if the design, outcomes, and features appeal to you.

Besides, by playing it for free, you can practice different betting strategies and tips. And if you learn this slot with all its ins and outs in the free version, you will know what steps to take in a real money mode.

Some online casinos let you try free games, even without registration on the site. So, you can join the casino only after you’ve tried the SunQuest slot for fun.

‘Due’ Payouts?

Some people believe that online casino games have due payouts. Like you’ve been playing a slot for an hour and spent $100, and you won nothing but $10 back, and it’s due. However, SunQuest and other slots are powered by random number generators (RNG), which means the result of each spin is completely random.

So, if you have a losing track, don’t waste your money to chase a win that you believe is due. All the combinations on the reels are assorted randomly. So, you can only receive a payout by winning the combo.

Stop At the Right Time

Typically, as you gamble for real money, you need to control yourself and your wallet. SunQuest slot is fun, but for it to stay this way, you need to stop at the right time. Think considerably about this and determine your goals for playing the SunQuest slot. It’s crucial to decide how much money and time you want to spend on SunQuest slot.

Although the slot machine is an exhilarating experience, it’s important to set limits before you get into the roll. You don’t need to spend more than you actually want and can afford for gambling.

Use Casino Bonus

Casino bonuses help players win more with the extra free spins or bonus money. However, before you claim the bonus to play SunQuest, you need to clarify two things. First, if the SunQuest slot qualifies for the bonus and contributes 100% to the wagering requirement.

And second, if the wagering requirement is low. An acceptable requirement multiplier ranges from 5x to 25x. If you can find this low wagering requirement bonus in your casino, you can use it for playing SunQuest.

Mind that some online casinos in Canada give bonuses exactly for this Microgaming slot. Very often casino operators include SunQuest in their welcome bonus for new players so that they play with the cash bonus to get more winnings.


SunQuest slot is a lot of fun when you start making progress and earning more coins. But this is easy for everyone big and small with the helpful tips above. Make sure to use these tips while you are spinning the reels of any online slot at Canadian online casinos.

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