My Tryst with Online Rummy

March 11, 2020

For someone who’s played offline rummy for long, the transition to online rummy was a big leap. You know how tough it can be to adapt to something new for old schoolers. I’ll admit that I did have my reservations about the format while being initiated into it by a friend and fellow rummy enthusiast. But the moment I signed up at Adda52rummy I was blown away. And I have no qualms about admitting that I prefer online rummy over the offline version now. I, sure was skeptical before about how to play rummy online like many but after I played my first cash game all my fears were gone and I started enjoying it so much that today I’m borderline obsessed with it. Jokes aside, if I could shift my loyalty from offline to online so can you and trust me you’ll love it. Here I list out the reasons that made me an online rummy convert:

Play whenever, wherever and with whoever

That’s probably the most convenient factor that has contributed to the popularity of online rummy. There is literally no bar on time, space and players. You can play it at any hour of the day no matter where you are. And there is no hassle of looking for the right set of people to play the card game with. No more calling up your friends to play a rummy game. You can play whenever the mood strikes and on any device. Try out the mobile rummy or download the app or play the desktop version. Find the best of players while playing online rummy and pick up a few tricks from them as well.

The visual appeal

The first thing that catches your attention when you log in is the stunning interface and the overall aesthetics and the user experience. In an offline scenario, the cards might get worn out but while opting for online rummy such situations won’t even arise. That’s where technology makes life easy. Other than the pool and the cards, the leaderboard is a feature which again is absent in an offline version of rummy.

Anonymous, fair and safe

We all know bluffing and some of us like it better than the rest. For some, that’s the charm of playing rummy in real life while for others it’s a sheer peeve. Bluffing is an online game of rummy is limited. Sure, the skilled players bluff in online games too but an average player takes time to hone his skills and read the discards better. If you are someone who doesn’t want the world to know that you enjoy rummy then fret no more. Online rummy gives you the chance to play your favorite game with anonymity. Rather it’s a perfect opportunity for introverts to indulge without any inhibitions. Besides, it’s a safe and secure ecosystem with round the clock customer support.

Real and non-real games

It’s an absolute breeze for people who don’t want to invest in rummy online yet want to indulge in a game. Not everyone trusts with their money online which is understandable and for such recreational players, the online rummy portals have practice games and chips. And once the player is familiar with the platform they obviously want to move to the next step and try their hand at cash games with real money. The only advice here is to know the rules of rummy online before you make your first deposit.

Rewards, bonuses, loyalty points

Now, who can say no to this? The moment you register, you receive an instant bonus that can be used to play. Not just this, the more cash games you play, the more loyalty points you earn which can be used to enter daily or weekly tournaments. But when it comes to offline rummy there is no reward system. And you win no brownie points for guessing which version of rummy is better.

It’s quick which means you can play more

Unlike the traditional setup where the players take forever to make the moves, online rummy forces you to think faster to make a move. It’s snappier, edgier and keeps you on your toes. It’s not just thrilling but also is more challenging and mentally stimulating. And fast game means more games. You get to play more this way and even get a chance to re-enter even after you lose.

Exciting tournaments on offer


You can’t resist the charm of playing a tournament. And setting up and participating in an offline rummy tournament is kind of a tall order, but in an online version, it is an everyday thing. Entering a tournament, earning cash and being hailed as a champion is high for many. And why not? It encourages players, gives recognition and promotes the entire online community of rummy players.


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