9 Best Ways to Help Prevent an Injury from Reoccurring

September 22, 2021

It can happen to anyone, even the best. You train hard, your form is great, you make sure you do the exercises properly and then an injury happens from what you previously thought was just mild muscle soreness. Injuries are an integral part of sports and you have to learn to live with them, just like with the mentioned inflammations and focus on better recovery.

Each type of injury requires a certain amount of time to recover. Very often people are not aware of this, so they return to their daily activities without thinking about the consequences, which can very often be very serious, and lead to a new injury.

Recovery after a sports injury is not just a physical job. This can also affect many mentally, and many feel isolated, frustrated, anxious, and often depressed after an injury.

Still, it’s good to know that there are many ways to speed recovery and avoid re-injury.

Resting is important

Any physical injury will pass faster with adequate treatment, and rest plays an important role in that. No matter how hard it is for you to lie down and do nothing, be aware that this is currently the best thing you can do for yourself and your body. Try to focus on other things, sit down, watch TV, invite friends to come to visit you. Injuries indeed require time and patience to heal, and by focusing on the here and now – instead of the future – you are doing yourself a favor.

The importance of nutrition

A balanced diet contains 60-70% carbohydrates, 20-5% fat, and 10-15% protein. It is necessary to drink sufficient amounts of fluids and possibly, if necessary, take dietary supplements. In addition, it is recommended that the daily water intake is on average 2l. Why is nutrition important even now that you are not training? Insufficient calorie intake can hamper the repair process. Even though you don’t train and are less active, your metabolism is faster after an injury. This is because your body has to burn calories to build new tissue and thus recover muscles and tendons.

Rehabilitation / physical activity

Stretching increases blood flow through the muscles, relaxes tense muscles, and increases body mobility. It can be done independently, but also with the help of a professional.

Of course, no one expects you to get out of bed in the greatest pain and do the exercises until your strength betrays you. But recovery is impossible without physical activity. Rehabilitation is planned and carried out individually, depending on the surgical procedure or the type and severity of the disease, the general condition of the patient, his needs and expectations. the patient acquires knowledge and skills that will maintain the achieved results in everyday life, prevent recurrence of injuries and slow down degenerative processes (proper independent exercise, selection of adequate physical activity, ergonomic adjustment, etc.). There are also many exercises that you can do yourself at home, with instructions from a physiatrist if necessary. You can find out more if you visit

Don’t underestimate the importance of sleep

Sleep and its quality have a decisive effect on recovery. Sleep quality is measured by the ability with which we perform all the tasks ahead of us the next day. After poor sleep, physical activity of maximum strength and endurance should be avoided whenever possible. This can further reduce the risk of injury.

But also mental rehabilitation

For athletes, developing physical strength and agility, acquiring technical skills, learning tactical skills, and mastering psychological skills (such as mental toughness and reducing anxiety) is key to their success. However, when it comes to injuries, they are often demoralized. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to stay mentally strong, cope with an injury, recover and get up, and continue stronger than ever. If you feel the need, talk to a psychologist, family member, or friend and remember that you are not alone. Looking for an experienced psychologist? Check out A Kind Place as they have a team of dedicated psychologists with years of experience under their belt.

Recovery takes a lot of time

When your doctor gives you the green light to get out of bed and slowly begin to return to your regular activities, remember that your body is still in a phase of regeneration and recovery and needs time to return to its old routine. Muscles remember, but they need to be put back in shape. Therefore, start slowly, without too much physical effort, because if you are too sudden, there may be another injury.


Massage relaxes the body and mind, changes the physiology or functional ability of individual tissues, organs, organ systems, and the organism as a whole. During the massage, the muscles stretch and contract and become firmer and at the same time more relaxed. Namely, massage removes accumulations of lactic acid, which when in excess in the body leads to cramps and muscle pain. The pain that occurs during the massage should be moderate, and only in places where there are muscle spasms, and after a short time of professional pressure and massage, relief should occur.


Anti-inflammatory analgesics (AIA) are used to reduce the sensation of pain and swelling that occurs as a result of exposure to high-intensity activities or injuries. Talk to your doctor about which pills will help you the most. Many gels and creams relieve pain and reduce swelling if any.

Stress relief

We are daily exposed to chronic stress that comes from a variety of sources. Its cause can be work, insufficient sleep, or the negative impact of the environment. Add to that the fact that you are hurt and that you have to stay in bed for a while longer. This type of stress can significantly affect how you feel, but also how quickly you recover. Too much discomfort can drastically reduce the speed of recovery.

Final thoughts

The more attention you pay to the recovery process itself, the sooner you will be able to continue with your normal lifestyle. In any case, there are many things on you that you can do to make it happen as soon as possible.

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