Texas Minimum Wage 2019

January 6, 2020

The minimum wage in Texas in 2019 is 7.25 dollars per hour. The minimum for a tipped wage is 7.15. Also, there is a minimum for a weekly wage, which is 290 dollars, and 15,080 dollars annually. For the hours that workers spend overtime at their work, the minimum hourly wage is 10.88 dollars.

Texas minimum wage is the same as prescribed by Federal law of minimum salary in all of the countries of the United States. However, this is only for non-exempt workers, others are getting their paychecks monthly, or weekly. The law on salary levels is regulated by the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

The Exceptions for a minimum wage in Texas are determined by the Texas Workforce Commission. Those exceptions are public officials, marketers, inmates, students, family members, livestock producers, people who are working in the entertainment industry, religious workers, nonprofits, teachers, and more.

The minimum wage for a worker that has tips is 7.15 dollars, from which 5.12 dollars is a tip credit, and the other 2.13 is a minimum cash wage. There is a difference from Federal standards in the amount of money that a tipped worker could earn. In Texas, the minimum tipped wage is 20 dollars, while the usual minimum is other countries is around 30 dollars.

Weekly minimum of 290 dollars represents a salary for some usual full work week with an hourly rate of 7.25 dollars. The weekly minimum is showed without the taxes. When it comes to the annual salary for some usual 8-hours job, the minimum is 15,080 dollars, but there are also some exceptions when workers have an unpaid vacation, or he is not working the full-time job continuously.

For an overall hourly rate, the states have a defined minimum of 10.88 dollars, which is around one and a half of the usual average hourly rate. Texas is one of the countries that reject the plan to raise the smallest wage. There are only some specific cases where the country of Texas can increase workers hourly. However, since Texas is not planning to raise its minimum wages it would be great to ask for a bigger salary.

Furthermore, some other cities such as Dallas, Austin, or San Antonio are planning to change the minimum hourly wage from 7.25 to 15 dollars per hour. Also, this raise would only be available for community workers, people who are working for the city, and all sorts of city employees.

There are some tendentious in Texas for the possible rise of minimum wages. The plan of Democrats in Texas is to change the wage into 10,10 dollars and later to 15. Yet, there are some disadvantages to drastically increased hourly wages.

According to some experts, a sudden rise of a minimum hourly rate could lead to more than 150,000 people to lose their jobs. It is important to slowly change the salary because there are a lot of smaller companies who maybe couldn’t afford to pay 15 dollars per hour.

When it comes to raising wages, it is important to explore all of the factors that could affect the market or lead to serious problems with unemployment. For example, using a lot of statistical data, some professionals and scientists have concluded that a minimum hourly wage of 12 dollars would lead to firing around 50,000 people.

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