Things to Consider before Purchasing Wholesale CBD

August 3, 2020

The online world is a place where everyone who has the creativity and initial capital can run a business. Because of that, you can see that entrepreneurship is experiencing popularity growth in all parts of the world. One of the fields that became popular for a short period is the CBD industry. People are becoming aware of the benefits they can get from the gift of Mother Nature.

Yet, purchasing wholesale CBD requires a different approach. You will need to take care of different things before deciding on that move. Because of that, it would be good to improve your knowledge and get some tips. Our recommendation is to check this site and get a guide to buying wholesale hemp flowers online. It is recommendable that you apply the pieces of advice that you get there.

Still, we would like to make our analysis as well. There are certain things to consider before purchasing wholesale CBD. Fortunately for you, you came to the right place to find them out.


Before Everything – Analyze the Wholesaler’s Offer

Things have drastically changed since 2018 for industrial hemp farming. That year, the US Farm Bill legalized it because hemp contains only a small amount of THC. More precisely, it contains only 0.3% which makes industrial hemp farming legal. Because of that, you need to carefully analyze the product you will potentially purchase.

First of all, you need to respect the law. As we said, if the hemp you purchase contains less than 0.3% of THC, then you are not breaking the law. On the other hand, purchasing/selling products with a bigger amount of THC is illegal. Despite that, by selling those products, you are putting your customers into danger. Because of the compounds it possesses, your customers will potentially become “high”.

Making that type of mistake can lead to some bigger damage. Imagine that your customer is driving under the influence of THC. There is a big chance he will cause an accident and many people can potentially get hurt. We are sure you would not want to experience something like that.

Despite that, you should carefully check if the wholesaler uses some insecticides and pesticides. If that’s the case, collaborating with that person/company doesn’t have any sense.

In the end, you need to check if the products you purchase contain some flavonoids and terpenes. More precisely, it would be good that products contain CBN, CBG, CBC, and CBDA. Despite that, they should also contain terpenes like Alpha-Pinene and Linalool. All of these compounds will boost the effectiveness of the products you plan to sell.

Check the Third-Party Lab Report


The wholesaler will always claim that his products are the best one on the market. Logically, not all of them will tell you the truth. Because of that, you should seek proof that confirms everything with the products is fine. The document that will bring you peace of mind is a third-party lab report.

Every professional wholesaler will include a document like that with every type of product. In most cases, they will publish the third-party lab report on their website. If you don’t see it there, that could be a red flag for you.

Type of Products and Their Price


There is one more thing that you can often hear from the wholesalers. In most cases, the supplier claims that his company offers more CBD products compared to competitors. Okay, that surely is one of the ways to attract new customers. However, it would not be in your best interest to pick companies that don’t offer a wide range of products.

We need to tell you that the organization of that type usually have a short-term business view. Their only goal is to make money quickly by offering limited types of products.

Despite that, you need to check if the products you want to purchase are matchable with the expectations of your target audience. In other words, the suggestion we have is to start small. Products that contain more than 2000mg of CBD are usually expensive. You will primarily need to invest more money to get them. Despite that, when you try to sell them, you will see that many people can’t afford them. That type of investment can be quite damaging to your business and profit.

When we talk about the type of products, you should primarily focus on the most popular ones. More precisely, products like CBD vape juices, balms, edibles are oils are the most favorite ones among users. Because of that, it is recommendable that you choose the wholesaler that offers “consumer-friendly” products.

Pick Partners that Offer Fast Shipping

You can often hear entrepreneurs saying that “time is money”. If you plan to become a professional entrepreneur, then you should use the same quote as well. Everything around your business needs to on time. That especially counts when we talk about shipping. Getting your goods quickly is a necessity if you want to make quick resale.

Let’s use one example that you should avoid. You purchased 500 bottles of CBD oils from a supplier. After 1 week, you sold them all, but the new client comes that wants to order 100 of them. Getting the good from a wholesaler as quickly as possible is important because the potential client might find another buyer. If that happens all the time, you will lose credibility and clients which will directly influence your profit.

Check the Marketing Support of Potential Client


In the end, our recommendation is to check the marketing support of wholesalers. Most professional companies will invest a lot in their marketing. Because of that, they will invest additional effort to explain to customers all the potential effects of CBD. Keep in mind that the industry is relatively new and many people are not familiar with the products itself.

Your potential client needs to work on the improvement of his brand awareness. He must explain to the customers why his products are important for their lives. If he manages to do that properly, you will easily resell the products you bought.

Final Thought

The point of this article is to tell you not to do things in a hurry. Carefully analyze each thing from our list before investing your money. Skipping only one of them can cost you a lot.

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