Can someone track your phone without you knowing?

October 13, 2021

The advent of smartphones and the development of technology surprise us every day with numerous applications. Just when we think there is no more innovation they can present to us, they immediately pull the ace out of their sleeves. Smartphone apps are designed to make our lives more comfortable and simpler. We are not aware of the number of applications we have available and what kind of functions they might have. Many tools can bring us benefits and make things easier.

We all know GPS technology well, don’t we? We mostly use this option to help us drive better and discover the location. GPS offers us many other things we didn’t even know about. For example, the phone tracker app is based on this option. When we talk about monitoring, especially about one we don’t know about, it causes us a feeling of anger. However, the question is whether such smartphones tracking is possible and is it legitimate?

Fear of tracking your phone?

Previously, only the government was allowed to track your phone, although even then we were not happy about that information. Today, however, this monitoring has spread to more entities. In fact, without breaking the law, any person with a little more skill can track your phone. This tracking is possible on both IOS and Android smartphones. For some it is necessary to install a special application, while others are not so obvious. Also, the consent of a person is often required to install certain software, but there is another side when you live in ignorance that someone can watch your phone closely. These apps can be purchased publicly via the official app store.

Pros and cons of phone tracking

Although you may think the opposite, this tracking can have pros and cons as well.

The biggest advantage of a phone tracking app is parenting. For parents to be sure where their child is at every moment, they often install such an application on children’s phones. Of course this is a great way to protect your child and safety. An easy way to follow your child’s path and remove them from possible bad intentions.
Another great thing about this application is the loss of your phone. This way you will have the exact information where your phone is located, as well as whether it changes location or is simply forgotten in a certain place. From any other phone you will have access to your application that will help you find the lost phone. These are just some of the benefits of these apps, and if you want to find out more, we advise you to visit here.

Aside from that feeling of insecurity and lack of privacy, these apps certainly have flaws. The cons are certainly in these psychological characteristics of man. As mentioned earlier, phone tracking applications can be purchased publicly, but there are also those whose availability is not public. Such apps are not only related to detecting the location of the phone, but can record your conversation, reveal the lock password, view your text messages, photos and videos. Also, all this can be installed in secret, without your knowledge about it and your consent a well. No, it’s not a spy movie, it’s a reality.

How do you know if your phone has been tracked?

There are several ways to come up with this answer. None are easy to notice, but if you pay attention you will be able to see some changes in your phone. If you succeed to notice certain actions, which we will list in the following list, we advise you to seek help from an expert or at least consult.

Check data usage

All phone tracking apps must use the Internet and this is the only way for them to work smoothly. Data from your phone is transmitted via a web server and read to the observer’s device. Therefore, check your data usage from time to time, if you think that its consumption is higher than average, this is a sign for a deeper search. Check out which are the apps that requir0065 the most internet and see if it’s a real situation. What does it mean? So, if you see an app like a flashlight that requires a lot of internet usage, that’s a sign that something is wrong.

Standby mode

This is one easy-to-notice example to which all of you will surely react immediately. If your phone is locked or is in standby mode, and it starts to light up and “behave” strangely even though you don’t touch it, that’s an alarm signal. Activity on the phone even though it is far away from you is certainly not a normal condition. This activity is just triggered by a spy who, on the other hand, has activities on your phone.

Low battery too fast

Tracking applications consume a lot of battery power. They work without your knowledge, even when the phone is locked. If you use the phone as usual, without watching movies or videos on it, and the battery drains much faster than usual, this would be another alarm. You would be wondering how suddenly my battery can’t last even half a day. Also, if you feel that your phone is hot and you did not use it for a while, it should be clear that something is wrong.

Check the screenshots

Although it sounds incredible, it can be true. Enter your gallery from time to time. If you have unfamiliar screenshots from, let’s say, Google maps or your location, know that someone is very persistent in spying on your phone. Of course this will make you immediately suspicious. For this reason, you may also have proof that something is not ok.

How to clean your phone from such applications?

There are many methods for finding this solution. Some of the most common is installing an anti-virus application or simply reinstalling your phone.
As for the computer, there are anti-virus apps for Android or IOS that would detect suspicious actions on your self-phone. This method is 90% successful and definitely worth a try.
The second is to reinstall all applications as well as software. This method is much more successful, but we advise you to transfer all important data from the phone to another device before you take this step.

We hope we have solved the mystery of the possibility of tracking your phone. Of course, you need to be careful and observe the functions and operation of your phone. If you notice any of the above monitoring items, don’t worry, you can easily put an end to it.

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