What is the Fastest Way to Gear Up in WoW Shadowlands – 2024 Guide

October 17, 2021

When you have an insight into the history of video games, you will not find many titles that stayed relevant and popular for more than 20 years. Among the few that have achieved that is WoW. We all know that this title has been derived from the previous title of a different genre, which is the most influential RTS game according to many gamers from all over the world.

So, a lot of them have Warcraft III in mind when they play these MMORPG titles. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have some sort of unique twist in them. Not to mention that there are a lot of different expansions that have been released over the years to provide additional content to their players. The latest installment in the franchise is WoW: Shadowlands.

Not only that you can experience a lot of new maps you can visit, but you can also use some new heroes, which is probably the most exciting aspect of this game. Since every player wants to make its character as strong and as leveled up as possible, all of them are interested in making this process as fast as it can be. Today, we would like to focus on gearing up your character in this game.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the most practical ways this can be done.

Make the Most out of Side Quests

After the creation of your hero, you will need to start picking up gear quickly. As you probably know, at first you will need to farm off the weak creatures you can find in the woods. However, after you receive a certain level, the next thing is to finish these side assignments. You will see that the entire universe you can visit in this game is filled with a plethora of side quests given by NPCs.

Since there are so many of them to complete, they will follow you from the lowest levels to the highest ones. The rewards you will receive do not just experience you can use for leveling up. Plus, you can count on some significant gear that can make your hero as strong as you want it to be. Over time, this gear will become more powerful. So, competing for side quests is an essential factor.

Perform Raids

After you have reached a certain level, you will have a chance to become a part of the raid. For some of them, you will not require any companion to help you. Still, we believe that quite a lot of them cannot be overcome if you don’t have someone to accompany you. Sure, the experience you will gather on these will be divided among all the members of a party.

Still, we believe that the stuff you will come across is more significant than the experience. In fact, many players would even say that these raids have only one point, to receive high-quality items. The reason is quite simple, coming across many powerful enemies on your road to finishing these will present you with a great result, mainly in terms of getting items you can use for quite a while.

Character vs. Character

When we are talking about the shortest way of finding useful gear, many would say that character vs. character matches is the best method. Once again, you will gather a substantial amount of experience when you win at these. Sometimes, you will get prizes that will make your hero more powerful. We do not doubt that this approach will help you get more gear than in any other approach you undertake.

Plus, you should know the fact that the opponents you will get are on roughly the same level as you. Basically, it is a fair fight where only details will decide who will be the winner. These details are usually magic tricks and certain traits of your hero. While there is no way for you to prepare for all the enemies, it is certainly a good way to enhance your hero’s gear in a short amount of time.

Legendary Items

The next factor we would like to discuss is collecting legendary items. As you can see from their name, you will have to put in quite an effort before you can receive them. Yet, investing your best efforts into these is worth it. In most cases, these items will provide you with much more than just an item. These come with some unique traits that will make your character more powerful.

Sure, there is no way you can wear all these items at all times. Many of them have requirements you will need to meet. obtaining these is not something you can read online, it happens spontaneously. You’ll see that some of them cannot be complete without having help. That doesn’t mean you should have a companion. Instead, you can opt for some sort of boost. If you want to check these out, you should visit

The Covenant

Last but not least, we would like to point out one campaign. It is called “the Covenant”. We are talking about additional content you need to purchase from Blizzard’s website. The items you can get through this one can be worn only by those who are currently at a level 190. Entering this campaign with a lower level will not provide you with any sort of benefits, you will just fail to complete it.

That’s why you should be patient enough because the benefits will be great. For instance, you can get stuff that can be of use for a long time. You will find many missions in this campaign, and the highest percentage of them will reward you with some powerful items. When you’re ready, you should undergo “the Covenant” simply because you can expect many rewards.

In Conclusion

Gearing up your hero in WoW: Shadowlands is a never-ending process. That doesn’t mean that there is no point behind it. Here, you can take a look at a couple of methods you can perform much faster than with any other way.

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