7 Tips for playing The Mage Tower Challenge in World of Warcraft for the First Time

October 12, 2021

World of Warcraft is a very popular multiplayer role-playing game. The game has a special area known as the Mage Tower, where you will find several challenges that you have to complete solo.

Playing mage tower challenge in the world of warcraft for the first time can be a bit challenging as you have to play it solo. You can also complete it easily by getting boosting services to complete mage tower challenges.

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Here are some tips that you can follow if you are playing the mage tower challenge for the first time. Take your time to complete these challenges and enjoy the game.

Tips for playing The Mage Tower Challenge in World of Warcraft


1. Stun Blade Strom

If you are playing the mage tower challenge in the world of warcraft for the very first time, then consider this talent very useful. This requires the warrior Fury, and the minimum level must be 45. This talent has a one-minute cooldown and requires a melee weapon. This spell regulates bleed and prevents you from losing control effects and imparting movements when a bubble arises on the caster.

Also, if you don’t die after getting hit by the mechanic, you can get an intensive cooldown for a healing burst, and the leaching poison effect gives damage to all nearby enemies every second. You can use legendary items like vendetta boots and bubble buddy neck to ease up the challenge.

2. Runic magic

You can use this ability while playing the mage tower challenge in the world of warcraft for the first time to use magical powers that include void, light, fel, death, and arcane. This ability gives the caster the power to create three purple circles in the center. All of the three circles are of different sizes in the beginning, and it gets smaller with time.

These circles explode and do a lot of damage when it completely becomes small. You must run over circles before it explodes to avoid taking any damage, and this will also destroy the rune completely. You can also cloak as an alternative option to avoid taking any damage from the runic explosion.

3. vGreen Orb Shield

The green orb shield gives the ability to cast a green shield around the spell caster. You will get damage per second through the shields and also prevent you from casting spells. You will notice the color of the cast bar remains grey even after the shield has disappeared. This is common, and you can still use your abilities and cast spells.

If you see no cooldown reduction after using the green orb shield, then you can use a power portion to increase your damage and break through the shield. The green orb shield is easy to deal with, and you can frequently use abilities by keeping kingsbane or vendetta for later at the end of the fight.

4. Thrown axes

Using this ability, the caster can throw axes all around the room. This melee weapon ability tosses three axes each dealing with high physical damage during the fight. These axes are targeted towards the enemy with instant attack power. These axes are well targeted upon you but also give you some time you can dodge them.

You must try to avoid these axes before it hits you multiple times when you are playing mage tower challenge in the world of warcraft for the first time. It has a 15 seconds cooldown and 30-yard range. So you can avoid the throne axes by melee warriors when they swap axes and run after the melee.

5. Health orbs

Health orbs become useful sometimes to heal a significant amount of health, especially if you are playing mage tower challenge in the world of warcraft for the first time. These health orbs are golden in color, which is drop-down by the valkyrie. Start the fight by striking Sigryn and use focus blind to set off her focus.

Try to damage all the targets together, the fan of knives will be useful in dealing with multiple damages. Keep using shadowbolt and focus mainly on dodging the throwing axes as it is targeted towards you. If you can lure the Sigryn and spell caster in the center of the room, then you can use runic magic to get the runes destroyed quicker.

6. Valkyrie wall

You must know how to use the valkyrie wall to your advantage. If you are playing mage tower challenge in the world of warcraft for the first time, then you will see several purple orbs flying to a single particular side forming a line looking like a wall. These orbs are drop-down by the valkyrie, and you can use them to your advantage in the vault of wardens.

You will see a gap between the wall where you can prevent taking any damage. Ensure that you are out of the way before the valkyrie wall encounters in a straight line and avoid getting any major damage.

7. TL and DR

  • Focus on giving constant damage to the melee warrior and spell caster.
  • Blow up green orb shields and prevent casting spells.
  • Use focus blind and keep Sigryn out of sight as long as you can. Also, stop her from using the blood of the ancient cast before she completes it.
  • Find the gap in the valkyrie wall and fit it into it to prevent damage from the vault of wardens.
  • Use shadowstep to run between valkyrie wall gaps and then come back instantly on the spell caster. It can also be used to run away from enraged melee warriors.

The Bottom-line

These challenges can be a little harder if you are playing for the first time. But once you understand the mechanics, you can complete these challenges easily. The mage tower challenge was removed from the game but has been recently added to the game with more rewards and achievements.

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