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4 Different Types of Cloud Computing and Their Benefits – 2024 Guide

September 7, 2021

The digital era that we live in gives us many opportunities to work on and use the benefits that it offers. Since we are still learning to live in this situation these past few years, many firms decided that working from home is a great option to avoid exposure and still get the job done. That is why everyone in the field of computers was looking for ways to make things easier, especially sharing the information between workers most importantly when they have to work as a team. Sending everything through email will be a really annoying thing, and you might get problems like messages not arriving and similar.

That is how cloud computing gets implemented by many firms, using the benefits that it offers and helping them work easier and without problems. The cloud is basically a solution when the firm does not have enough capacity for all the files that they have, so they use this service as a space where they can upload their things and give access to the people working on that firm so they can edit and continue the working process.

In this article, we will talk about some of the different types of cloud computing and why are they a good choice for your firm.

1. Cloud computing used by the public


These are meant for wide usage so many people can access them and are basically made for people to use the cloud as an option for saving files without taking up space on their devices. Sure, this can be used in your firm to upload files that you want to be shared and that you are not afraid if someone comes to them. This option offers a large amount of space that you can use for every purpose, and it has an option where if you need even more space, you can just pay for it and continue working.

There are many benefits that this type of service offers and many people and firms can use them to their advantage. To have everything saved in your firm, you will have to invest in hardware that is supposed to hold the information. If you don’t want to invest in that, and you want to avoid maintenance on the parts, you should definitely try the option of using this service. Also, you will be sure that everything will be there because they have made sure that the security is great, however, for more secure information, you might have to pay more.

2. Cloud computing for private use


If you want an even more secure service, you should look into this option. It is basically the same service, but it is meant to be used only by your firm and the people working there. If you are working on projects and have to finish something together, you will need to resend the file multiple times before it reaches the final form. Instead of looking for ways on how to get the file to the other person and lose time, this service is perfect for your situation.

The benefit that this service offers is basically the option to do everything how you want. You can give access to some people, and forbid others from seeing and editing the files. That way you have more control over everything. Also, you will not have problems like changing the system completely so you have to adapt to it, it is made specifically in your way and that is it.

The companies responsible for these services may be a bit more expensive, but the level of reliability and performance your business would get is irreplaceable as suggested by

3. Combination of the two above


There is a cloud that is a combination of both basic types from above. This is one of the most used services because uses the best things from those options. However, there are two ways that this is done. The first one is basically like the private one, that with prolonged usage, you use all of the space that it has, and it automatically transforms into public with the same terms as before. That is why many people like to use it because it gives stability and people are feeling safe using it. The other one works similarly, it starts as a private option, and then when you use the space, it selects files that are not really important and it moves them to the other type.

The benefits that these options offer are the reason why many people consider this type better than others. It gives you the stability of the private, and the capacity of a public type so you can use it in the best way possible.

4. Cloud option for community uses


This is an option that is meant to be used in a relatively closed group of people. It has security and stability like the private type and the capacity like the one meant for public use. Basically, gives privacy to a certain institution so they can use it for storing documents and other things that are essential for their work. For example, hospitals use this type because it gives them everything they need for a service like this.

Because many institutions share information for better work for everyone, they can use this option while having enough protection. However, because it is run on one system, there may be problems when there are multiple requests so there might be waiting.

Leveraging cloud software in your daily routines can be powerful. According to SaaStopia, utilizing cloud computing resources can greatly increase productivity.


There are other types other than these that might be the one for you, these are just the base one and everything else is just a combination. Depending on the purposes that your firm might need, you should choose what is your best option. Make sure that you have the option to upgrade to a bigger space deal because you might need it along with the way and additional problems are not wanted. Also, when choosing the company that gives these services, make sure that they work this for a long time, and that they are great so you feel safe using what they offer.

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