Which World of Warcraft Expansion is Best for Leveling?

October 12, 2021

We all know that World of Warcraft is one of the most popular game titles out there. Just think about it, the whole franchise has spawned out of Warcraft III, which is one of the best games ever, according to many players in the world. Some say that even if it is not the best, it is certainly the most influential. We can see that there are many titles out there that were influenced by it.

Even though it is not possible to know just how many of them have been influenced heavily by Warcraft III, take a look at popular titles like “Rise of Nations”, “Heroes of the Storm”, “Age of Mythology”, and “Warlords Battlecry III”. However, the difference in WoW is crucial. We can see that the genre has been changed massively, and instead of RTS, players can enjoy MMORPG.

Even though the critics about this franchise are minimal, we can see that some say that the leveling was a bit slow in the first couple of titles. But that doesn’t mean that some future installments didn’t focus on making this process much faster and more entertaining. Today, we would like to take a look at the expansion that will provide you with the fastest possible leveling. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the facts we are aware of.

Which One Should You Choose?


Maybe the answer to this question will be obvious for experienced players, however, we would say that the latest installment, WoW: Shadowlands, is the best choice you can make. The reason was that there were still concerns about leveling pace even though this aspect was improved in the last couple of installments. For this reason, we can see that the developers have focused on this aspect quite a bit.

The reason is that this expansion has introduced a lot more content in every zone. Why is this a significant fact? Well, you will avoid all the traveling that was present in pretty much all of the expansions before this one. By going through the hordes of enemies and resolving quests you will come across in the process, you will gather much more experience. We are sure that all players perceive this fact as quite efficient.

Some would say that the improvement has begun since the introduction of “The Burning Crusade”, but it wasn’t perfected until the latest expansion. Not only that you will gather much more experience, in some of the zones, but you will also come across a lot of highly useful items that can enhance your character’s capabilities, which are crucial for further progress. Check it out and you will see for yourself.

Can You Do It Even Faster?

Since previous titles had a much more, let’s say, dragged the leveling process, we can see that many players were interested in finding some more efficient ways to level up their characters. One of these ways is obtaining boosts. For those who don’t know what these are, we are talking about limited boosts that can provide the character with a chance to become stronger to overcome some quests and fights.

Just think about that, you will certainly come across some highly powerful enemies during your journey. Not all of them will be easy to overcome, even if you have some companions with you. That’s why so many players have decided to purchase a boost to help them. It needs to be said that these boosts are not as hefty as many believe. If you want to check some of these, visit

Tips for Beginners

In case you are a new player, who doesn’t have experience playing any previous installments, it is of the utmost importance to understand some ways you can do it smartly during the first part of the process. For example, you will see that Exile’s Reach is one of the first zones you will encounter after the character creation. Exile’s Reach is a place where you will be able to reach level 10 fast.

Not only that you will gather crucial experience that will help you level up your hero quite fast. Furthermore, we can see that this zone is crucial for understanding the mechanics of the game. Plus, you will see what you can expect from the game itself in the future, at least at the basic level. Remember, it is of the utmost importance to complete this zone perfectly. It will be a good foundation for you in the future.

What are the Best Zones for Leveling?

When it comes to the best zones for leveling up experienced players should visit, we can see that Drustvar and Nazmir are often pointed out by a lot of players out there. The reason is rather simple, they offer a wide array of content you can go through and resolve many quests along the way. Plus, you will see that many entertaining aspects will help you have the best possible experience when we’re talking about the story that follows them.

Is There any Bonus XP in this Game?

Many are interested in knowing whether is possible to gather some bonus XP in this game. Well, one of the most efficient ways you can do that is to opt for a mode called “War Mode”. While it can be quite stressful for those who participate in it since dying in this mode will not calculate the XP you have gathered in these fights. So, you can spend quite a lot of time playing this mode. Nevertheless, we can see that it is widely regarded as one of the most effective ways, by the players themselves.

The Conclusion

As you can see, WoW: Shadowlands is probably the best expansion so far, when you consider all the factors. In this article of ours, you can see what are the best zones you should visit, even if you are a beginner. Plus, you can take a look at a chance to earn some bonus XP. Without any doubt, this expansion will attract a lot of interest from numerous gamers all over the world.

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