6 Things to Know Before Playing the Mage Tower Challenge in WoW

October 7, 2021

World of Warcraft is an immensely interesting game and requires players to spend hours on end to master the intricacies of its immersive universe. So, players looking for insights before embarking on the Mage Tower Challenge have stumbled upon the right article. The article entails six tips that you must know before playing the Mage Tower Challenge in WoW, and we guarantee that they will help you breeze through the quest.

1.  Know the Time and Rotation


You might wonder how obvious this point is, but sometimes we skip the most obvious things in our agitation to complete a challenge. However, you cannot make even a single mistake when doing the Mage Tower Challenge in WoW. To make the best out of your first attempt, try to understand the game schedule to plan your gameplay accordingly.

Once you get a notification that the game has released the Mage Tower Challenge on public servers, you can easily access it through Legion Timewalking, the same element that enables players to raid dungeons and Shadowlands. You will be able to access the challenge for two weeks post which it will return to a one-week gap cycle.

2.  Collect Adequate Potions

While players consider buying boost and carry services to skip the grind, the best thing you can do to conquer the Mage Tower Challenge is let your character scale. You must have adequate experience before embarking on the Mage Tower Challenge, regardless of whether you used boosting services or spent hours on end mastering World of Warcraft.

As a result, if your character has a gear of level 1000+, you will breeze through the quest and the challenges that make it so difficult. Apart from this, the Mage Tower Challenge has a minimum requirement of 900+ gear. Although unofficial, we recommend that you follow the game standards to match the Mage Tower Challenge’s difficulty.

Unless you have leveled your gear beyond 900 through boost and carry services, we recommend that you wait for the challenge out and let your character level naturally in the game. All good things take time, and so will this challenge if you exercise patience.

Moreover, before deciding to embark on the Mage Tower Challenge, collect as many potions as you can, such as intelligence or health potions, as you cannot rely on your team’s healer to revive you this time! You must equip yourself with everything and leave no stone unturned to complete the Mage Tower Challenge in one go.

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3.  Focus on keeping your character alive than killing

Yes, it is one piece of advice that probably nobody will give you, but here it is, we have said it out loud. There are so many ways in which you can master the Mage Tower Challenge, and this is one of the most underrated tricks to dominate it. You will taste defeat if you proactively try to kill or damage the bosses instead of focussing on keeping your character alive. It doesn’t matter if you are dishing out damage initially. Keeping yourself alive should be your priority if you want to complete the Mage Tower Challenge in the first go.

4.  Read all the Guides and Blogs

The Mage Tower Challenge has seven sub-challenges, and each one of them comes with its quirks and features. If you really want to complete the challenge on your first attempt, researching the various sub-challenges can go a long way. Most blogs and guides available online are incredibly thorough, with subreddits explaining how players can master the challenge in their first time. You can find these guides on any forum, such as Discord or Reddit.

Although you may have a hard time finding such blogs now, considering the expansion hasn’t formally gotten released, you will still be able to get your hands on a few blogs explaining the gameplay in detail. You can even get to know what difficulties each challenge will entail and whether any element of surprise can damage your character beyond revival.

5.  Understand the Rewards

Before embarking on a challenge, always understand the rewards to gauge whether a particular quest is worth the effort. Most regular classes will get a new leveled legion armor and item transmogs as rewards which, sometimes, are not enough for a few players considering they already have it. However, one of the Mage Tower Challenge’s rewards is incredibly helpful for one class level – the guardian druids.

Apart from this, the reward for defeating the Werebear in the challenge is his coveted skin which looks incredible and represents your skills as a player. And if we are being honest, the skin seems absolutely fantastic than before with its black and neon colors. For players who are not guardian druids, do not lose hope just yet.

In theory, other players can get their hands on a Soaring Spelltome mount once they complete the Mage Tower Challenge. However, the only requirement for achieving that is spending hours on end completing the seven sub-challenges with different characters.

6.  Understand the Challenge thoroughly

You would be surprised to hear that the Mage Tower Challenge is not a new quest and has been around for quite some time. In fact, it was introduced by Blizzard seven years ago as an add-on to the Shadowlands expansion as a fun new quest for players to enjoy. As a result, don’t appear surprised to see many seasoned WoW players talk about the old boss levels in the challenge and how they defeated them long ago.

However, what players must not expect is that the Mage Tower Challenge won’t be the same and will entail different bosses and level designs to reanimate the element of surprise and thrill in the game. Apart from this, the Mage Tower Challenge is exclusively available on WoW’s Public Test Realm for now. So, if you are looking for access to the quest, visit the PTR portal now!


So, here are the things you should know about the Mage Tower Challenge. Follow them closely to complete the quest on your first attempt.

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