Locksmith Tips and Tricks for Home Security

May 3, 2022

Are you moving to a new home and concerned about its security? Don’t worry because, in this article, we have covered the best tips and tricks to keep your home safe and secure by master locksmiths.

We understand that buying a new home is a lengthy and stressful procedure. There are many to-do lists you need to take care of besides giving your place a personal touch with modern furnishings, paints, and decorations. However, there is one critical thing that is often overlooked. Unfortunately, we give it importance only when something dangerous happens. It is your home security!

After spending a huge sum purchasing a new place, you can home and decorate and insure it, you get the keys. But how useful are the keys when your locks are not even reliable? So, before any unfortunate event occurs, you must take every precaution.

Here are some of the best tips and tricks for home security by master locksmiths:

1. Keep The Locks Updated

Are you moving into a new home? Consider changing its locks and keys. Why?

Well, do you want the previous owners to have access to your home? If your place has old-type locks, it is easy to get an entry for burglars and thieves since they are familiar with their style.

By installing the modern-type and professionally fitted locks, you can ensure the safety of your place, making it impossible for burglars and thieves to break into your house. You can easily find a reliable and affordable Locksmith in Colorado Springs to do the job for you.

Professionals help avoid compromising the safety of your new home as old locks may have many keys floating around that you don’t know about. Previous homeowners may have shared these keys with their neighbors, friends, relatives, or locksmiths. During such circumstances, only a skilled professional can help you out.

Since burglars usually enter a residence through the front door, re-keying is an affordable option. Under this method, the master locksmith makes sure they secure your entry doors by changing the configuration of the internal mechanism of the locks, making the previous keys useless. Although you still use the same bolts, the keys are different, making this trick as secure as changing the locks.

2.  Secure The Doors & Windows

Since burglaries are usually carried out by windows and doors, it is critical to keep them well secured. As stated above, you may upgrade the locks and keys, especially if they are outdated. But, there is another method to help you keep the criminals and burglars out of your place.

Installing well-built and sturdy doors and windows with a strike plate can make it hard for criminals to enter your house. You can also keep the thieves from gaining access through the windows by not opening them over six inches. It is also helpful to screw the windows to the frames. It keeps them from easily sliding out of the frame. You may also use a jamming device to accomplish this purpose.

It is also helpful to get a deadbolt installed in your place instead of a handle lock with the help of a master locksmith. Only if a deadbolt is installed properly can it serve the purpose. If there is a window nearby your front door, install a double cylinder lock that needs a key to unlock.

3. Install a Home Security System

Besides changing the locks and doors, you may take a few other measures to keep your residence safe. Installing a home security system is an effective way of taking security measures to the next level. It is so because these systems alert the homeowners and their neighbors whenever there is a break-in attempt or any suspicious movement by the front door.

4. Steer Clear of Frequent Pitfalls

Burglaries don’t happen in a day. Usually, thieves observe your pattern before getting into action. They keep a close eye on you when you are away, asleep, and back from work. So, it is essential to avoid making it too obvious when you are not at home. It will give them a chance to serve their purpose.

Being too predictable about their actions is one of the most common pitfalls homeowners do. So, steer clear of such mistakes by making them believe you are not away. You may leave some lights on at all times to give the impression of you being home. It might cost you a hefty electricity bill, but at least it will keep your home safe.

If you are concerned about the electricity bill, use timers to switch the lights on and off when away. In some digital timers, you can even set the on and off schedule with varied intervals to make it seem like you are home.

5. Cancel Deliveries & Social Media

If you plan to go on a vacation, cancel the newspaper delivery service because piled-up newspapers will give the impression of you being away. You may also ask your neighbor or friend to keep a regular check on your residence and take the post-office deliveries. As a majority of the burglaries today are carried out by people in our circle, we highly suggest restraining posting your updates on social media.

6. Keep The Spare Keys Away

Another common pitfall to avoid is hiding the spare keys under the doormat or plant pot. Although it is obvious not to make such a mistake, people still usually do it. We hope you keep this in check the next time you go away or to your friend’s house for a stay. If you are unsure about the security level of your place, you may ask the lock and key experts for help.

Final Thoughts

We hope you follow all the five tips and tricks by the master locksmith to increase the level of safety of your residence. Since there has been a tremendous rise in burglary cases in the last few months, it is crucial to keep yourself and your home safe. We wish you good luck!

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