How Many Times Can You Loot Mythic+ Dungeons In WOW?

October 11, 2021

One of the greatest things about WoW is related to constant updates where developers are adding new features, stories, and characters, which is the main reason why this game is popular for so many years. There are all kinds of missions, like quests, raids, arena fights, and the main point is gaining more experience and collecting items to improve your character.

With the latest expansion called Shadowlands, we can see some innovations related to dungeons. The new model is called Mythic+, and it requires five players to complete the dungeon. Some of the latest features made to Mythic+ are damage and health increase, reduction of enemy auto-attacks, nerfed bosses, and much more.

The main point of playing this challenge is the chance to win a high-level item. If you are having some trouble with completing the dungeon, the best solution is to get a boost. If you need WoW Mythic+ boost, visit

Before you start playing, it is important to learn more details about this challenge, such as the potential prizes, requirements, and how many times you can play this challenge. We are going to analyze more about that in the following article.

Main Features of Mythic+

As we already mentioned, the main reason to play this mission is a chance to win the highest-ranking items in the game. When it comes to requirements, the minimum level for starting the challenge is 184. However, you should start looking for the dungeon before you reach this level so you don’t waste time.

The looting will also improve with higher levels. For example, the key one will provide you only with the items that are suitable to your current level. There are 14 different Mythic+ keys, and the last one provides the most valuable gear.

What makes this challenge so interesting is related to the changes Blizzard has implemented to the actions of bosses and other enemies. The game is now much more complex, and it will be more difficult to pass the dungeon by each new level. The biggest change is made on enemy characters’ reactions, and they are now capable of acting in a way that is the best against the particular class and gear.

The first thing to do if you want to begin this dungeon is to get the keystone. You can acquire it from the last Mythic dungeon or by getting it in the weekly chest. Moreover, you will have to change the difficulty to Mythic before start. After that, activate the Front of Power.

The important condition is that there is limited time to complete the dungeon, which is around 40 minutes. In case that you don’t complete the mission in time but finish it after that, you will still get some rewards. On the other side, not completing it at all will downgrade your keystone to the previous level.

Are There Any Limits?

Another reason why people are so excited about this quest is the fact that there are no lockouts or other limitations. You can play it over and over as long as there are players in your team with a required keystone. Therefore, you and your other teammates can boost your loot by successfully finishing the dungeon over and over until collecting the desired items.

This is the main difference when compared to other mythic dungeons. That provides players with excellent benefits since they can make serious upgrades. The only limitations are related to the required keystone and that the loot will contain only items according to the player’s levels.

How To Prepare For This Dungeon?


There is no need to rush. You should first focus on gathering the right team. The best option for the team is to have three damage-per-second classes, a healer, and a tank. Keep in mind that there is no way to replace members of the team after activating the keystone.

Therefore, be sure to choose reliable and experienced people as your teammates. Also, we have mentioned the changes for enemies. One of these changes is related to their damage. The increase will start on the second level, with 8%. The increase will be 100% on level 11 and over 170% on the final level.

The best abilities that players should combine are Heroism, Drums, Bloodlust, Rebirth, a wider area of damage, dispels, and more. Good preparation will help you to avoid the need to start over at the same levels several times.  Each level will provide you with a new keystone and access to higher ranks.


You will receive two different types of rewards after finishing the level. One of them will be available right after you finish the mission, while the other one will appear in the vault.  If you finish the mission in the determined time, there will be two items in the chest. Each member of the group will get a suitable item according to their classes. The maximum level of items in the chest is 210, while the highest-ranking gear can be available in the vault.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a fast and efficient way to boost your hero and collect some highly valuable items, this dungeon represents one of the best options currently available in WoW. Be sure to check out the requirements before you activate the first keystone.

You can run the same dungeon over and over as many times as you want as long as there are members in your time with keystones. However, if you want to progress quickly, it is crucial to gather a good team prepared to involve enough effort. That will require a proper strategy as well, the proper selection of classes, spells, and items.

The current story will last for more than a year, and we can expect the next one by the end of 2024. Still, we think that there will be ongoing updates that will continue to surprise players. Until now, the best thing about Shadowlands is the ability to level up much faster and collect high-ranking gear. The Mythic+ is a bonus to that as well.

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