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5 Steps to take after a Car Accident

December 10, 2021

Life is full of many events that happen every day. On a daily basis we witness over 1000 events, some of which are great for the eyes, we receive them with all our souls, they awaken beautiful emotions and a lot of happiness, and on the other hand there are a huge number of events that can cause bad emotions, sadness, and even stress. One of these events is a car accident, ie a car accident that can cause us great stress and a surge of sad feelings and emotions, and in some moments injuries that can really be painful.

Being involved in a vehicle accident is an experience no one wants to have in their life. Unfortunately, accidents aren’t always avoidable, and most people will experience one at some point. When involved in a vehicle accident, you might not know what to do next or how to handle the situation, such as seeking immediate medical attention, calling the police, and contacting a Seattle car accident attorney at Below we will review the crucial steps to take immediately after a car accident.

What You Should Do if Involved in a Car Accident

Contact the Relevant Authorities

None of us wants an accident of any kind. None of us in particular wants to be part of a car accident in which we are to blame or the other party that also participates in that event. However, this event can happen and that is why we need to be prepared that it can happen to us someday. And at the moment when it happens what to do? Above all, it is necessary to be sober and call for help, which is crucial. Call 911 immediately after the accident, as you will need an accident report form from the police when seeking compensation from the insurance companies. Police will also help bring order to the road, ensure traffic is moving, and safeguard against the risk of another accident.

Write Down Everything

At the time of the event everyone who is part of it is under stress and under bad impressions. But as we said, you have to stay sober in those moments and do everything that needs to be done. Once the help and the police are called, you need to try to stay sober and while remembering the details, somehow notice them so that you do not forget some part that would be really important when considering the case. If you are not too hurt, record information such as the other driver’s contact information, pictures of the crash, and the other driver’s car make and model. Consider writing down everything you remember before and after the accident. This is important as you might forget important details after the crash while dealing with the stress of your recovery.

Contact the Insurance Company

Incidents such as car accidents can be easy with a few scratches on the car and an agreement between the participants in it, but these events can also be more damaging to the vehicles for which it will be necessary to contact the office of the insurance company where your vehicle is insured. Insurance companies are responsible for your safety and injuries, so you must not forget this moment at all in such an event. You should contact your insurance provider following the collision. Even if you were not at fault, you must notify them that you were involved in a crash, especially if the other driver is uninsured. Your insurance company can also supply helpful information about the other driver and any insurance they may have to your attorney.

When speaking with the other insurance company, only provide the most basic information available. Furthermore, if you intend to seek legal advice, do not give a recorded statement. These typically work against you and might be used against you by the insurance provider.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

At the moment it is necessary to act calmly and at the same time. If you find it necessary to check yourself, see if you are OK. If you are able to do the same with the people in the other vehicle, react as needed. After a car crash, assess whether you and your passengers are okay, take a look at yourself, and take pictures of any bruises or cuts. Going to a hospital is vital as you may have a concussion or internal bleeding without any visible signs. Your doctor will be sure to run all the necessary tests to ensure that you obey. In some scenarios, a person might realize they were seriously injured only long after the vehicle accident.

When seeking compensation, you will also need a medical report to present to the other party’s insurance provider as your evidence.

Hire a Qualified Legal Representative

These things happen, it is a fact that we can not deny. But it is also a fact that these events need to be given some form, course and resolved through the state bodies and according to the relevant laws and procedures. Even though you might believe the accident was minor, you never know what consequences may arise, and you must ensure that you are adequately covered. Furthermore, even if the insurance company appears to be willing to pay for your damages, you will need a personal injury attorney on hand. Keep in mind that insurance providers want to pay the least amount possible and are not looking out for your best interests.

Having the right representative could be the difference between getting total compensation and getting the bare minimum. Ensure you conduct a background check before hiring any lawyer. You want an experienced and compassionate lawyer who will keep you informed about the progress of your case.

Stay Calm

No matter the situation, be sure you maintain your cool. It is crucial to note that the other party will use everything you say against you and blame you for what happened. Accept no blame for the accident, even if you believe it is your fault. Your lawyer will do the required investigations to discover who is responsible. Your lawyer will also act as your negotiator while you’re taking time to heal from your injuries.

If you are ever part of such an event, you need to be calm first of all, but you also need to follow these steps in order to finish everything in the best and most favorable way. That is why we bring you these steps that would be of great help to you if you find yourself involved in such an event and event like this, all in order for you to be well, the others involved to be well and the whole case to get a proper shape and end.

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