Who is the Best PG in the NBA 2024?

February 2, 2021

NBA Today – What is Going On?

After a short break caused by Covid 19, NBA decided to return big! When the whole world declared quarantine and canceled almost everything, NBA games had to follow. It wasn’t that secure to organize the season under the pandemic. Luckily for all the basketball fans, only a couple of months later, everything slowly started going back to normal, with a new, strict plan. How, what can we expect this season? What changes are being made in order to prevent potential dangers of the pandemic? First of all, there are safety measures such as testing the players and the staff on a daily basis, and the mandatory quarantine for everyone who experiences symptoms. NBA games are among the most in-demand sports tickets, so fans should check out the NBA 2024-23 schedule for their favorite team as soon as the league releases its schedule.

Everything that is amazing about NBA

What you certainly know is that a professional league like this has fans around the globe! This is not only the premier men’s league, but the most beloved one, so it seems like the world revolves around its seasons, favorite teams and players. Founded long ago, in 1949, this old man still functions perfectly, is vital and stronger every year. Did you know that the NBA is actually a merge of two rival teams? Today, it represents a fantastic and powerful influence on sports in general. It affects the way basketball works, and is certainly bigger than any other league, such as the NFL. Although it has been proven that somewhere between 50 and 60% of NBA players become poor after they retire, due to their expensive and luxurious lifestyle and poor bankroll management, it still is a matter of prestige to be chosen to play in the world’s best league. Only the best players in the world get to indulge in the world of the NBA. So who is the player in the game who has the most important role? It would certainly be – the point guard.

What does the point guard do?

The purpose of a point guard is to specialize in the skill of scoring opportunities for their team. He has to handle the ball to the teammates, which makes him the crucial figure in every game. They are the most skilled players, because they need to be great at every aspect of the game. With the team focused mentality, and the game control in mind, they have a lot more responsibilities than just putting the ball in the hoop. Who are some of the most famous point guards on the planet? The number one is fighting with the number two but is according to many – Laker’s player – Magic Johnson. His game is oftentimes explained as magical, due to the way he was controlling the game and handling his teammates, motivating them with his leadership. Number two (or number one, by some) has to be Stephen Curry! He is usually called the best offensive player, with fantastic influence on the game and its geometry. The rest of the list of all time best point guards includes players such as Oscar Robertson or Steve Nash. But, what’s with the season of 2024/21? Who are the most important point guards right now? Let’s dig into it.

Point guards that have changed the game in 2024

In the last season, certain rankings have changed. This means that the game is a live organism, that is moving forward and letting different players show their maximum potential and dominate the field. Before we rank the players, we first need to specify the criteria for that. Are they being ranked by their popularity or by the choice of their fans? Do we only count the last season, and not this one? Are they being ranked by the results they have already scored so far in the 2024/21 season, or should we rank them based on our predictions of the results they will make in the future, or at least until the end of the season of 2024? Whichever criteria we choose, one thing is certain – John Wall and Stephen Curry have not made it to the list this year. They are one of the top points guards of all time, but they have been pushed out of the list by other players (for now). Maybe the most logical solution would be to just look at the scores they made the last season, and then rank accordingly.

1. Luka Doncic

Luka has to be the number one on the list of this season. The Dallas Mavericks‘ best offense player and one of the NBA’s top 5 has improved and amplified his game, allowing him to play four positions if needed! He is currently a top 3 shooting guard as well as a fantastic playmaker. His shooting percentage went up enormously, and he is more successful in keeping the defenders on his back hip, as well as shifting the pace, with the amazing flip shots.

2. Damian Lillard

Damian has fantastic scores – personal-best true shooting percentage as well as points and assists per game, that can only be compared to big league players such as Michael Jordan. Portland Trail Blazers’ player is constantly improving his game too, and his style has often been compared to Stephen Curry’s – another legendary shooter in the NBA. He can shoot from literally anywhere and when it comes to scoring, he is definitely one of the top point guards in the NBA.

3. Kyrie Irving

Despite the recent injuries he had, his offensive results make him one of the NBA’s most valuable players, especially when it comes to his ball-handling skills. Thanks to his dominance, he makes great scoring numbers as long as he is motivated enough. Another thing that is important to mention is that he won an NBA title with the Cavaliers and he was named the Rookie of the Year! When it comes to the best dribbler in the NBA, we could add him on that list too.

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