How to Choose a Coffee Table for your Hamptons Style Room?

January 26, 2022

People usually invest a lot of their mental energy in every minute detail while styling a room. A coffee table too adds a lot of character to any kind of room but very few people recognize its worth and significance. It either creates a whole new vibe or makes everything look shabby. Especially if you are looking for coffee tables for your Hamptons-style room, there is no way you can compromise.


Styling a Hamptons style room is a bit difficult. Have you planned a Hamptons-style room for your residence? Then you must have a Hamptons coffee table in your living room, else the entire look will turn out a mismatch of furniture. Have you been brainstorming on a lot of coffee table options for your Hamptons-style room? You don’t have to waste your time anymore because this article guides you on the right path to creating an aesthetic Hamptons living room. So, jump right into the details without any further ado.

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Tips to choose a coffee table for your Hamptons style room

●  Color

People usually prefer wood or glass. Brown, black, and maroon are some common colors people often choose but there are a lot of colors for you to explore. Observe and take into consideration the colors of your room, home, and furniture. Choose colors that are in line with your room colors or the ones that go well with those colors.

Black and white, red and black, pink and blue are just some combinations for example. You can play with the colors and experiment with them to create patterns in your Hamptons room.

●  Shape

Rooms are mostly square or rectangular in shape. Yet the shape patterns of rooms differ with the shapes of the furniture and the patterns you create in your room. Hence, consider the geometrical pattern of your room and furniture to create a symmetrical alignment.

Choose a round coffee table if your furniture is round in shape or soft round cornered with soft cornered rooms. Choose a square or rectangular one for a similar effect. You can also mix and combine for opposite or contrast effects that create an eye-pleasingly different effect on your room.

●   Dimensions

Do you neglect the dimensions of your coffee table often, while choosing one for your home? That’s the biggest mistake one can ever commit. Dimensions are as important as anything else while choosing coffee tables. If you choose too big a coffee table for your rooms that are shallow, it looks weird. Too small coffee tables do not elevate the look at all and look like they left a lot of unnecessary space in between the furniture.

●  Designs

Hamptons coffee tables are available in innumerable designs. You call it or name it, they will have them in their store. From simple to vibrant colors and glamorous designs, Hamptons coffee tables are available in almost all designs.

There are simple designs or geometrical patterns. Even the shapes of coffee tables are available in a wide range. Hence, you can consider all these factors, while picking the right one. There are intricate designs on coffee tables that reflect the royalty. The choice is all yours.

●  Utility

How do you use your coffee table? Or what do you use your coffee table for often? While some just use it to place objects or coffee cups, some even use it for storing newspapers on the lower shelf. So, you are the one who is going to use it. Hence, be careful and intelligent about your needs, requirements, and utilities. Consider the coffee table that better serves your purpose in all instances and cases.

●  Matching with the furniture

Your coffee table should always match with the furniture and also the room. So have a detailed look at your furniture. Consider the shapes, sizes, dimensions, and colors of your furniture and choose the one that fits all these factors.

If you go with these factors and guidelines, be sure that you are going to end up with a perfect choice for your Hamptons-style room.

●  Material used

Coffee tables are made with different materials like wood, glass, and limestone. Most people choose wood over other materials but other materials are equally elegant when it comes to adding character to the room.

You can go with glass or limestone if your Hamptons-style room is in a white-colored theme. Reflect and mimic this strategy for all other themes, patterns, and styles. It may be difficult in the beginning but with practice and little research, it becomes easier. So, avoid overthinking and do your thorough research to reach a reasonable conclusion

Different types of coffee tables for Hamptons style rooms


●  Fabric

Fabric coffee tables are least often used but they add a whole different vibe to the room. If your room is plain and flat, this coffee table adds a lot of personality to your Hamptons-style room.

●  Wood

Wood is most commonly used and it can never go wrong for any style of the room. Also, wood is available in different royal colors. So, it is two targets with one shot for your room.

●  Colored

You can even renovate your existing coffee tables, if you are renovating your house, to add colors and redesign them. This way you can personalize your coffee table accordingly.

●  Shelves

If you want a functional and utilitous coffee table, the Shelved coffee table is the best. A lot of utilitous coffee tables are making it to the market recently. So you have a lot of options to choose from.

●  Rustic

Rustic coffee tables go well with any pattern or style. If you are intending to place a rustic coffee table in your room, think no more because they are too perfect to go anywhere.


Coffee tables are indeed a great addition to your living room look, of course, not to forget the utility besides the style factor. But very few consider the looks but the utility alone, which is a wrong method. Now that you know how to choose a coffee table that adds a vibe to your room, jump straight into the action and pick the right one.

While these are just a few factors that need your consideration and attention, there are a lot more factors that aid you in picking the right coffee table. Since it is your home and furniture, you are the one who can judge things better. These basics will guide you right on that path.

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