6 Tips for Choosing the Right Furniture Size for Living Room

August 22, 2021

Nowadays, buying furniture has never been easier, since you can pick the option you consider ideal for your cause within a few clicks, and wait for it to be delivered at your doorstep without ever having to leave your home. Everything you need to make this venture is some money on your bank account and the idea of what type of furniture you might need. While we do not consider ourselves eligible to give you financial advice, we would stick to providing tips for choosing the right furniture size for your living room, thus, read the following lines and figure out what should you worry about before making the purchase.


You need to start with the basics, and measuring your living room should be the first on your “to do” list. Measure practically everything, from walls to floors, so you will get the idea of how much space there is to be filled with new or furnished pieces of furniture. Once you get the idea of how spacy your living room is, you will be able to plan according to possibilities. Usually, a living room represents a central place of a household where most of its members spend their free time. Consider that and choose the size of your new pieces according to the needs of the whole family.

Draw a Plan

Not everybody enjoys visualizing redecorated rooms before the damage is done and there is nothing you can do to start from the beginning. If you are one of those guys, we suggest you draw your living room on paper and create little paper models of the pieces of furniture you intend on buying. This way, you will not only be able to experience your new living room in a specific, tactile way, but you will also have the ability to try different ways of setting particular pieces until you figure out what is the most ideal solution. It is ok to suggest that all of the aforementioned can be done in 3D, but it would imply you know how to use 3D Max or similar software for 3d drawing.

Inch By Inch

We have already highlighted that in most cases a living room is the most frequently visited space in a household. Also, it tends to be the biggest room of the house, but we should emphasize you should not overcrowd it with numerous pieces of furniture just because there is room for it. Cherish the space you have and start from details such as couch positioning. It should be the center of your central room, and you should choose the size according to your wants and needs. Think about how many members of your family can take a seat at your new couch and whether you need to add a piece, such as an armchair or a vintage rocking chair. Additionally, add every next segment following your previous work and realize whether you need large or small pieces of furniture to complete the setting. If you do not know how or where to start from, learn more about potential solutions you can adjust according to your standards.

To Rug or Not to Rug

Some people easily fall in love with rugs while others hate them. When we talk about living rooms, one should choose their style, but should also be aware of how a rug can impact the whole composition of a room. Visually, a rug enables you to split the room into certain segments, considering that you want it. On the other hand, rugs can act as protective barriers between other pieces of furniture and the floor. There is hardly any person out there who enjoys washing rugs, but you should know they tend to collect the dirt that would otherwise end up scattered all over the place. In a nutshell, it depends on you, so think about all the positive and negative sides and decide whether a rug would make a good addition to the rest of your living room or not.


A lamp might act as a great space enhancer, but you might want to move it a bit from your window. Also, you would like to consider matching it with other pieces of furniture and combine it with a reading table if you want to exploit its full potential. The same goes for other furniture types since they are only as good as you make them. Any accessory should be carefully used, since their role is not to dominate over the rest of the room, moreover, they should be used to emphasize particular pieces of a room discreetly and subtly, unless you want to highlight something else. We advise you to make use of curtains since their role does not have to be fixed to a window but can be used as space separators, similar to rugs. The catch is that any accessory you add has its purpose, instead of solely standing there as its main use is to pick up dust.


What is a living room without a proper TV set? And speakers, they do make wonderful speakers nowadays, from bookshelf to ground ones… What about a record player? If there is a record player, then you need a place where you will keep your record collection, The list goes on and on, as well as decision remains yours to make. Yet again, the selection of various electronics that can act as pieces of furniture and complete the space is vast. Depending on what you and your family enjoy doing should you invest in different pieces. Namely, it would be silly to invest in a huge TV set if none of you spends time watching television, and a record player would not make sense if you have no records to play. Be practical, but also be picky when purchasing certain pieces, since they need to go hand in hand with the rest of the concept you try to envisage.

Hopefully, the aforementioned tips about redecorating your living room and choosing the right size furniture will help you make the decision you will be satisfied with. Not solely you, but your whole family should enjoy what you devise, so ask for their peace of opinion as well. Anyway, any change is good, so the one you are about to go through should be a bit better if you listen to some of our suggestions.

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